Monday, April 26, 2010

Searching For A New Car Is Always a Gas!

I'm searching for a new car. I've been driving a Japanese sedan for awhile and I quite like it. However, I'm unable to afford to replace it exactly. So, I've been searching for something new, a little different than what I'm used to and maybe sportier. I very much like the Japanese styling and fuel efficiency, and I must admit, I know almost nothing about American brands. I've always had a Japanese car.

I started with the Camaro. Chevy Camaro prices are quite a bit out of my range, but I like the look and the styling. It makes me think of a car Dick Tracy might drive. It looks like the back seat might be really small, but I'm not taking this car off my radar yet.

Next, I turned to three different Japanese brands I've heard a lot about. I have friends who drive these brands and I'm pretty familiar with the Corolla, the Eclipse and the Santa Fe. I checked Mitsubishi Eclipse prices even though I am too big for this car. In the driver's seat I can stretch my legs out all the way with the seat all the way back, but I feel like a sausage in a weak casing in this car.

My friend Kristen loves her Santa Fe. I like it too. It fits a bunch of stuff quite well and it is small enough to park easily in tight spaces. Hyundai Sante Fe prices are a little out of my range but I might consider it because it can do more jobs than a sedan. It is fun to drive too.

Everyone knows Toyota has been having a tough time lately, but that doesn't put me off. Toyota has had many, many years of trouble free success. I still think Toyota offers a good product, good reliability and great economy. I like the Toyota Corolla prices the best. Actually, of the ones I've talked about here, the Corolla is actually my favorite. I can fit in the thing easily, it's a blast to drive, a Corolla sips gas instead of guzzling and the price is exactly right.

Once I find the right car, I'm going to drive Washington, DC with Manda, Colleen and Lacey. We will test road tripping in the new rig and report back!


  1. Just don't buy a Mazda 3! I am so NOT enjoying this little piece of tin. I don't hate it, but I can't imagine ever growing attached!

  2. We have a totyota corolla 2000 and it's been wonderful for all 10 years. Not one ounce of trouble :)


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