Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Nice Ladies Need Good Bulletin Boards...

I've been looking into a couple of bulletin boards for church. I want one for my office and two for the classrooms downstairs. I have one in mind for the AA meetings to use and one for the ladies who feed everybody.Everyone has been tacking or taping stuff to walls and the sexton is getting a little perturbed.

The AA meetings post a lot of stuff: meeting times, prayers, shopping lists for food and coffee and requests for donations. I would like to give them a rather large cork bulletin boards, with three or more panels. It will be large enough so things won't overlap and the group leaders can separate the notices into categories.

I like the enclosed bulletin boards for the kitchen ladies.This type of board has glass doors and locks. The kitchen ladies post the menus and the schedule for groups and meetings. I've noticed that their menus go missing at least twice a week, and their group and meeting schedules often get torn in half. No one can figure this out. We've given up trying. I'm going to get them the boards that close and lock and that will be the end of it.

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  1. I want a cork board one! I don't need the locking one. Could have used it in my classroom, though!


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