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Casey Anthony - A Definite Whodunit...

Caylee Anthony - Missing Child
On June 16, 2008, Casey Anthony left her parents home, where she had been living with her 2 year old daughter, Caylee. For a month, Caylee's grandmother, Cindy Anthony asked  repeatedly to see her granddaughter. Casey made many excuses to Cindy as to why she couldn't . A month later on July 15, Cindy Anthony reported the mother and child as missing to the Orange County Sherriff's Office. The next day, Casey Anthony was arrested and quickly charged with neglect of a child, giving forth false statements and obstruction of a criminal investigation. It's obvious Cindy Anthony had been in touch with her daughter at different times during that month. Cindy hadn't seen or talked to the baby, but she had to have had some kind of contact with Casey for her to give her mother the run around. And with the missing persons report on the 15th and Casey's arrest the very next day, one would think Cindy Anthony had some idea of where her daughter was...

Sheriff's Office Initial Investigation into Caylee's Disappearance
Apparently, Casey Anthony's explanation of her daughters whereabouts didn't satisfy Detective Yuri Melich. Long story short, Casey was uncooperative and lied about the child being with a nanny. A nanny no one in Casey's family or circle of friends had ever heard of or seen. Casey hung out in jail for a month and when her $500,000 bond was posted, she was released. 
A week or so before her release, someone reported suspicious things in a wooded area near the Anthony home. In December, more reports were filed and more objects found which were then identified as Caylee Anthony's remains. The death was considered a homicide but no cause of death was listed. Two different sets of suspicious objects were found months apart. What's up with that? A thorough search of the area didn't reveal the second set of stuff? Some reports say the area was filled with brackish water the first time around, making the objects impossible to find. I find this hard to believe.

A Life of Crime?
Meanwhile, Casey Anthony was on the street. Between the end of August and the middle of September 2008, Casey Anthony was arrested  twice more on charges such as petty theft, using someones else's credit cards, identity theft and forgery. At the beginning of September, Casey was offered a limited immunity deal,  but didn't accept it. I'm wondering what she was doing. Witnesses have her out drinking and dancing and living it up. Could be she was in trouble with some unsavory types, folks who might hold her child hostage while they pimped Casey for various unknown reasons. Gambling debts? Loan sharks? Drug deals gone bad? Maybe Casey left that baby in an unsafe place, to simply go out and party and when she returned, something had gone horribly wrong. Maybe when Casey went back to collect her daughter, she found the child had been harmed and had died.

Casey Anthony on Trial  for Murder
In October 2008, Casey Anthony was indicted  by a grand jury for 1st degree murder, aggravated child abuse and aggravated manslaughter. Prosecutors also charged her with 4 counts of giving false information to police. Later, the abuse charges were dropped, because the prosecutors believed Caylee to be deceased. Casey Anthony's trial for the murder of her 2 year old daughter began in May of 2011 and has lasted more than 40 days. On Saturday, June 25, 2011, the judge called an abrupt recess until Monday June 27. It came to light this morning that Anthony's defense team filed a motion to determine her competency. Apparently, the defense feels Casey is unable to aid in her own defense. So after the judge called for the recess, three state psychologists spent Saturday and Sunday evaluating Casey and found her competent to continue. Speculation is running high as to why the defense would ask for a mental health evaluation at this time. If  the defense was able to get her deemed unfit to continue, that would halt the trial for an undetermined period of time. Later, if Casey was ever deemed fit to continue, the trial would begin anew and wipe out all the damaging remarks and claims made by the defense in the opening statements of this current trial.

Casey Anthony Isn't Known for Truthfulness
I don't think we'll ever know for certain to what extent Casey Anthony was involved in the death of her child. But I do believe she knows what happened. I think she knows what happened and for some ungodly reason she refuses to tell. Casey Anthony has never given a straight story and she's been caught in lies time and again.   She is the product of our privileged yet permissive American society, where everything is okay and people  do and say what they like. Casey Anthony will never tell what she knows because if she cops to anything, then they've got her. If one never makes an admission of guilt or knowledge, then others will have a harder time proving any wrong doing. Once a person says "I did it," or "I know it," then they must be held accountable and pay. But if one never admits it, they have a better chance of not being held accountable. And that what it's all about isn't it? Getting away with stuff because you can, right? Getting away with lying, cheating, deceit and murder have become commonplace. Look at OJ...

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  1. In some cases people don't even tell themselves the truth about what happened. Maybe Casey is lying to protect herself from having to face the real truth. That could be a consequence worse than any punishment the law metes out.


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