Monday, September 27, 2010

Waiting Rooms and Decent TV Programs...

I took my elderly neighbor to the doctor's office for some tests yesterday afternoon. As I lounged in the waiting room, I noticed a television, playing exceedingly lame infomercials extolling the virtues of one silly gadget after another. I can't help but think that channel was chosen by an obsessive shopper.

I wondered why the doctor hadn't signed on for Direct TV for hospitals. Setting aside the marvels of slapping choppers and music from eons ago, I can think of a myriad of delightful programs perfectly suited to people who wait in hospitals. While I already know how to chop without a silly gadget, I could use a primer on any subject covered by the Food network or a home improvement show.

Direct TV for lobby would have made the wait quite a pleasure. Standard installation is easy and done by trained professionals. An installer will provide state of the art equipment and up to 200 channels. Great pricing plans make the deal even more attractive. With access to local affiliates and national networks, breaking news is just a remote control click away. Doctors and hospital administrators should explore the specifics and request a quote to help them choose a package that will ease wait times in the office.

Waiting rooms and lobbies are perfectly suited to this kind of entertainment and the choice of programs is in the hands of the doctor or admin people. There are times when we all have to wait and a doctors office or hospital lobby can be the place people actually enjoy it.

microfiction Monday #50...

The idea is to tell a story in 140 characters or less.

Why is that lady so sad?
Because she lost someone dear to her.
Where did they go?
I don't know, honey.
Will they come back?
No, not ever.

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Sunday, September 26, 2010

Boardwalk Empire...

HBO's Boardwalk Empire slated to premier September 19.
The Author of this post is my pal Cheryl Martinez.
There are lots of new shows expected to hit this fall's tv lineup. I'm anxious to see Boardwalk Empire premiering on HBO. This is guaranteed to be the biggest thing since Sopranos.
Boardwalk Empire is similar to Sopranos in that it's based on the lives of gangsters. Of course, that means there are guns, girls, blood and, I'm sure, lots of foul language. But, this series is set in a different era. Boardwalk Empire takes us to Atlantic City during the 1920s. So for those of us who love a good gangster film, this show highlights where the Tony Montana's (Scarface) of our time come from.
Fresh out of World War, the country was looking for change and opportunity. As with any gangster looking to flip his luck, so were the likes of 'Nucky Johnson', the Boss, (Steve Buscemi) and 'Chalky White', leader of the African American community, (Michael K. Williams). Their hustle didn't include drugs (drugs had not yet evolved); these gangsters peddled booze that caused turf wars and murder.
The cast also includes Michael Pitt as 'Jimmy Darmody', World War I veteran and Nucky's protege, along with Kelly Macdonald portraying an Irish immigrant named 'Margaret Schroeder'.
Personally, I can't wait! On September 19, my satellite tv through TV By will be tuned in to the new fall tv show Boardwalk Empire complete with popcorn and cream soda (for nostalgia's sake)! I hope you'll be watching.

Weekend Reflections #53...

A little bit of whimsey...

Dresses up this pump house for cranberry bogs quite nicely!

If you want to see some really stunning reflection photos, take a trip over to see James at Newtown Area Photo. You won't be disappointed!

Girls Just Gotta Shop!

Colleen has been out to the dealerships looking at cars. She has a little bit of time left one her current car loan, and some good miles left on her car, but she thought she would get a jump on looking into her next vehicle. Yesterday she had a look at a mercedes benz cls. Colleen is a responsible young woman and she is quite aware that such a car is well out of her price range. When I questioned her she responded, "I can dream can't I?"

We sat together this evening and searched the internet for cheap car insurance quotes. By her next birthday, Colleen will leave the realm of car payments and high premiums on car insurance for young drivers. She is excited and worried at the same time. Excited because she will pay a lower rate because of her age, but worried her premiums will increase if she buys a brand new car and takes on a note for it.

I suggested Colleen look into a honda civic hybrid. A decent down payment, her good payment history and a tax credit may offset the higher insurance premium she would pay after buying a new car. This seemed to ease her worry a bit.

As I went off to start dinner, Colleen began a search for a Honda dealer nearby. Once she found one, she got Janine on the phone. "Hey Janine!" she said. "Guess what we're doing tomorrow?"

Saturday, September 25, 2010

Six Word Saturday - September 25, 2010...

Barbara Walters, Shel Silverstein
Happy Birthday!

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Friday, September 24, 2010

Still Struggling with Math...

After all these years, I still have trouble with Math.

I was a lost cause in grade school and I just continued from there. It bothers me. I have to get the kids at work to do simple calculations for me. The kids have even tried to teach me. Sometimes I get it, but usually I just want to cry. I do not like having to ask a kid for Math answers.

High school was no better for me. I tanked when it came to Algebra 1 and Algebra 2. Those sloping lines and quadratic equations were way over my head. I don't think my brain works that way. I may have been helped by online tutoring, if there was such a thing back in the day. I was just too shy and embarrassed to ask my teachers or classmates for help.

During my college years, the mystery of mathematics remained unsolved, for me at least. I also needed Chemistry help and Statistics help. It's a good thing I switched my major to Culinary Arts. There is some math involved in cooking, but I was able to manage with my very basic math skills.

Today, one can find Free math tutoring online. I just may check it out and see if it would help me. I' d love to be able to progress past simple arithmetic, multiplication and division. The kids at work would be relieved. I may even be able to teach them something!

Thursday, September 23, 2010

Flash Fiction 55 - September 24, 2010

Cranberry bogs hold all kinds of secrets.
Braver men than I have tried to get to the bottom of the mystery.
A flooded bog holds more than just berries.
Pump the berries off, pull the planks and things come to the surface.
Things no man should ever have to see.
Horns, teeth, skin and hair.

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Skywatch Friday - September 24, 2010...

Skies from All Over the Planet

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Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Make A Wish...

Happy Birthday Peggie!

Let's all have a cheer, a round of applause and a splendid birthday wish!


Peg, I am sorry I can't be there in person to wish you a Happy Birthday, but I love you and in my heart,
I'm there with you.
Happy Birthday!

microfiction Monday #49...

The idea is to tell a story in 140 characters or less.


He would never forget that first time she took his hand.
She would remember the warmth of his touch.
In this way,they kept each other.

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Monday, September 20, 2010

Q and A - Myrtle Beach and Golf...

It's a well known fact that Amoeba works a lot. It is also well known that he always works through "vacations". And everyone knows Quilly and I have been trying to get to a Myrtle Beach hotel for quite some time, and we want Amoeba to join us! Although it makes me sad, I understand why he declines. I understand the need for work.

But, Myrtle Beach is still calling my name. In my never ending search for great resorts in Myrtle Beach, I think I've found one that may tempt the ever diligent Amoeba. He plays a decent golf game and I would like to offer a challenge. If he agrees to meet me on one of the fabulous courses in the area, I will tee off from the mens tee, with one eye closed. If Amoeba shoots a better game than me, I will never hound him to suffer through a game of golf with me again. If I can manage to play a better game than Amoeba, he shall agree to relax for one whole afternoon.

I checked out golf packages at They offer some great 3, 4 and 6 round packages on courses designed by great champs of the game. There are so many great courses to choose from, I think I'll let Amoeba make the call on where we play. That's if I can get him to agree to the challenge.

Beautiful and Delicious!

My good friend Tammy has started blogging!

Tam's blog is all about the cakes she makes for birthdays and weddings and other special occasions. She is very talented and gets rave after rave about her cake and her designs.

This is the detail of a wedding cake she made for the son of one of our good friends. The Bride asked for calla lilies and even though Tam had never worked with gum paste before, she jumped in with both feet and made a zillion fabulous gum paste lilies.
I remember them hanging everywhere in her kitchen!

Stop in over at Cake Creations and say hello!

Ease Pain with Copper...

Last week, I was complaining to my friend Helen about the soreness and stiffness in my hands and wrists. After discussing the severity of the pain, she suggested I try handmade copper jewelry.

Helen showed me a very pretty bracelet she wears and explained to me her views on the healing powers of copper. She swears the copper bracelet has eased the pain in her hands. When I told her I loved the bracelet, she insisted I take it.

I've worn the bracelet for a week and I have to admit the pain has eased. It's not completely gone, but I have not had to use much over the counter medication to sooth my aches.

I've got my eye on a beautiful bracelet and necklace for Helen to replace the one she gave me. I think they are charming and I hope she will like them.

Friday, September 10, 2010

Cohasset Harbor

Everybody knows I went to a wedding last weekend. This was the view looking out from the reception hall. The weather was fine and the bride looked fabulous!

I was happy to see old friends and my family but I spent some of my afternoon trying to capture things the regular wedding photographer might not be interested in.

What I came up with was Haley's Fred Flintstone feet!

Haley is my niece. Funny feet and all.
I know she won't like this picture, but I love it!

Thursday, September 9, 2010

This Won't Break the Bank!

This is a Sponsored Post written by me on behalf of Boost Mobile.
All opinions are 100% mine.

Last weekend I realised I am unhappy with my pay-as-you-go mobile phone plan. I admit it is cheap, really cheap. But you get what you pay for. I can text cheaply and that's about it. The plan has no internet, no email, no social networking. I don't want to go with a traditional monthly contract deal because I just can't afford it. And I don't want to be locked into a long contract. But I want the extras.

Kathleen, a 16 year old girl I work with, has a better phone than I do(which she pays for herself) that has all the bells and whistles and she doesn't pay more than $60 a month. This girl Tweets and updates Facebook and checks email and searches recipes for me. I told her I was in the market for a new phone and a decent plan. Kathleen suggested Boost Mobile.

So I went searching. I like the Blackberry Curve 8330 smartphone. I can buy the phone online with free shipping or I can pick one up at the Boost Mobile store 6 miles away from my house. I can activate it online and I can Re-Boost my account online, over the phone or in person at the store.

With that fancy new Blackberry I could browse the web, read and send email, text and instant message. I could Tweet! I could take pictures and post them on Facebook! I could look up my own recipes at work!

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Friday, September 3, 2010

tell me what you think...

i got clothes to wear to the wedding
manda says no
they make me look gigantic
i said but i am gigantic

i really really want to wear my shorts and a shirt

this is my problem in my whole life
i worry about what other people think
and i dont want to be like that

the other day y Q posted about fear
well i guess i fear what people will say behind my back

isnt it better that i go somewhere
in clothes that are clean and in good repair
that i feel comfortable in
than to cave to what i perceive other people may think or say
to my face or my back?
would it be better if i wore clothes that i am uncomfortable in
that make me feel fat as shit? clothes that i dont like?

i want to go to the wedding and be comfortable
not be fussing with my neck or sweating my ass off
i want to have my stuff in my pockets
and not haul my work bag (my only bag)(that reeks of carnival food)
around all day for a camera and a pack o' butts and a phone?

everytime i go to a wedding
i see someone else who wears jeans or something really casual
and i think
next time i will be that person in my comfy clothes
but im still afraid

and i still dont want to cave

so i think i will wear my shorts and my shirt
and ill do one thing
one thing only
that i dont/wont/havent done for anyone else

i will shave my legs

Thursday, September 2, 2010

I Can Dream Can't I?

my outfit is on the cutting edge of transformational fashion! transformational fashion is a new trend, along the lines of heroin sheik or grunge, only cleaner and seemingly informal. the nature of the trend is informal, but in reality it combines functionality with great lines, colors and fabrics, all chosen to accentuate the personality of the wearer and provide plenty of space for movement, cameras and cigarettes.

the implied formality and definite functionality are classic trends in fashion stemming from the advent of the industrial revolution. and revolution is on the rise! cotton is king! comfort is important!

my outfit will sink anything form the new york, milan or paris runways this season or next!