Sunday, February 26, 2012

Sending gift baskets to those who are ill

One of the situations that many of us would rather not go through is being sick. Depending on the severity of the illness, the time spent recuperating can range from being long and drawn out or it could be something that you recover from more quickly. One of the most agreeable parts of recovering from an illness is the attention that is given to the person that it ill. This is also the usual case if someone is in the hospital, whether that is overnight, or for a longer amount of time. There are many occasions for sending a gift to someone and being ill is one of them.

One of these occasions in which you could send something like gift baskets is an occasion that many would not consider to be an illness at all but instead something that is considered to be a great celebration for most people. One of these occasions is when someone has a baby. This is usually an occasion for much celebration and a time of gift giving as well. This is not just the birth that calls for this occasion but the days and months leading up to the event. There are baby showers and of course the birthday of the baby that is also an important occasion for gift giving. Traditionally birthdays are for everyone not just children as may have been the case many years ago.

It is also customary to send gifts like gift baskets to those who are staying in the hospital for other illnesses. Things like care packages are often well received and seen to be very thoughtful especially for those who are inclined to stay in the hospital for long periods of time for things such as cancer. Those patients that are affected with things such as cancer must spend a large amount of their time in the hospital attached to the various machines whose job it is to make the patient better. This can cause a lot of boredom so it is beneficial to have something to do while going through things like chemotherapy and radiation. This is another reason why things such as care packages are thoughtful as well as needed in these kinds of situations. Whatever the situation is there is nothing quite like getting a present when you are sick. It makes a person feel as if they are loved and cared for and during times of illness this can be especially welcome by everyone.

No matter what the occasion it is important to show people when you give gifts to make sure that you put some thought into it. There are many people who give gifts all the time for many different occasions and there is no reason why people should not put thought into the gifts that they give. Whether it is for the person who is feeling a little under the weather or if it is for someone under normal circumstances gift giving is something that everyone can enjoy.

Speed Racer - A New Chapter...

Part One...

As he left the motel parking lot, Skinny Pete worried that it might be too late for Jane. At one time, they were quite close, but just now Pete had his own fish to fry. He pulled his car onto the highway and set the cruise control. He was holding some serious shit and getting pulled over was not an option. He turned off his radio and dialed up the kid at school to tell him he was on his way. Pete arrived after sunset and was comforted by the darkness as he made his way across campus to the dorms. He was a little early and so was his customer. They quickly made the exchange. Pete counted his cash, the two shook hands and Pete took off.

With that mess out off the way, Pete made arrangements with his book maker to settle his debt. He had a pounding headache and realised he hadn't eaten since morning. He was a little nervous about meeting the bookie. The man appeared to be very professional, but Pete just never felt comfortable in the bodega where the bookie did business. On edge, Pete hurried to the appointment and found he was early once again. Entering the bodega, he noticed the old woman at the counter struggling with a heavy box. He rushed to her and took the box.

 "Oh Peter, you such a good boy, thank you. You here for Nick? He not here. You hungry?"
"No Ma'am." Pete lied. "I just came from dinner with friends."
"OK." said Mrs Nick. "I make you something."

Mrs Nick disappeared behind the curtain and Pete sat at the table closet to the door. He chewed his fingernails and shook his leg under the table. A few minutes passed and Mrs Nick returned with a steaming plate of puttanesca and a cup of strong, black coffee.

"You be a good boy. Eat it all and I bring you some more." she demanded.
"Oh, Mrs Nick, there is no way I could eat all this, just the coffee is fine." Pete tried to hand the plate back to her and she scolded him. "You do what you told! Eat what I give you!" And then more gently, "No more lies, I know you hungry. I can see. Eat!"

Mrs Nick disappeared back behind the curtain. The phone rang and Pete heard her answer it and say sharply "Yes, yes! OK! Yes. I tell him!" Then she slammed down the phone. "Peter, Nick on his way, be here couple minutes." She came back through the curtain with an antipasto, a couple glasses and some wine. Placing them on the table she asked quietly "What's the matter with you? You all nervous. You in trouble with Nick?"
"Oh no Ma'm. You were right, I was just hungry. Thank you for feeding me. I feel much better now."

Mrs Nick looked suspiciously at Pete. She took off her apron and sat across from him. Looking him dead in the eye, Mrs Nick reminded Pete not to lie to her. "I know you a good boy.You no belong here. Nick gonna tell you the same thing. You do the business with Nick and you go. I no wanna see you here no more."

Mrs Nick saw Pete was ashamed and she placed her hand on his cheek. "We lost our boy, you know, Nick and me. Just a little fella. God never gave us no more babies. And Nick, he not like me to tell you this but he mad with God. That's why he do his business. But he see somethin' in you. He don't want you to be like the people who come here. So I'm gonna tell you again. You settle up with Nick and you go. No more you come around here."

The bells on the door jingled and Nick came through the door carrying a bag of peaches. Without saying a word he flipped one to Pete and gave the bag to Mrs Nick. She gave Pete a pat on the cheek and went back behind the curtain. Nick took off his coat, hung it on the peg by the table and sat with Pete.

"You got my money?" demanded Nick.
"Yes sir, Mr Nick. It's all here." Pete handed Nick an envelope, picked up his plate and stood up from the table ."Thank you Sir and please thank Mrs Nick for me. I have to be getting along."
"Sit, Sit! Where you going? Put the plate down! I wanna talk you! Sit!" Mr Nick poured two glasses of wine and dished up some antipasto for himself. He ate in silence for a time. Pete worried about what was coming next.

"Where's that little girl I used to see you with? The little blondie? Why you no marry her?" Nick pushed his plate away and called to Mrs Nick for the next course.
"Jane?' asked Pete, "Well it's a long story... She, ah well see.."
"I no wanna hear no story. She's a good girl. Why I no see her no more? She dead?"
"Well, no..."  Pete sat quietly while Nick talked.
"You a good boy, you a talent but you waste it. You waste your life a comin' over here. I'ma tellin' you now. Don't come back here.You say she not dead. You gonna be dead I see you here again. Capiche?"

Mrs Nick appeared with a plate for Nick and set it in front of him. She handed Pete his peach, picked the other plates and looked him in the eye. "What you waitin' for, go!"

And with that, Pete left the bodega. He would return to Mr and Mrs Nick but not for a long time.

Good Dental Health - AmeriPlan Gets the Job Done!

Aah teeth! With teeth come the necessity of a dentist. Almost everyone has teeth and even those who don't still require the services of a dentist. Along with the dentist visit comes the dreaded bill. If you are like me, needing a dentist doesn't necessarily mean you see the dentist. I don't often see the dentist because I cannot pay the bill. I think I may have found a solution.

I found this discount dental plan. It is not insurance. However, This discount dental plan can save me anywhere from 25-65% on a bunch of dental services. Crowns, fillings and most importantly, preventative care all get discounted. There is a monthly fee, but it is minimal. The annual savings with the plan definitely make this plan affordable and worth every penny.

 Like I said, this isn't dental insurance, but it can fill in the gaps very nicely. If I didn't have insurance, this could help take the heat off of some very steep bills. If I had a big deductible, this discount plan would certainly help a lot. Also if I had run through all the coverage my insurance offers in a calendar year, the generous discounts would go along way toward getting my bills paid.

This plan would really help me get my teeth fixed and get me back to general good dental health. Check it out. You might find it's something that can help you and your family too.

Thursday, February 16, 2012

Skywatch 5, #32...

Skies from all over our planet...

Sampson's Pond - January 27, 2012
In the spring, summer or fall, Sampson's Pond is a great place for fishing, boating, swimming and all around hanging out. In the winter, folks do fish through the ice. This winter there hasn't been much ice though. The only winter fishing getting done here is probably being done
 by the geese and swans.

Saturday, February 4, 2012

Six Word Saturday..02.04.12

No more dust in my computer!

After I blew all the dust out of my computer, there was a real mess here on the desk. I cleaned that up to find dust all over the windowsill. And the curtains. And the dog. The dog was not impressed by the dust free computer. She sneezed and snorted and finally settled in and took a nap.

Yes, there is Penny, snoozing on my pillows. It's a dogs life I guess.

Friday, February 3, 2012

Told about it

Guest post written by my buddy Lavern Small

I was told about TVByDirect.comby my boss because he knew I really like the Dr. Phil show. Ever since he changed my hours I was missing it so he thought it would be a good idea for me to get DVR at my house so I could watch it when I got home from work. He’s a great boss at the end of the day because he’s really caring and wants all of his employees to be happy and I think that’s what makes it a good environment to work in. I love that it’s a good job but I love even more that the salary I’ve made over the last few years has made me able to afford this cute little house– I love this place and it’s mine all mine and I can do whatever I want to it! I love decorating (even more than Dr. Phil) and I’ve put a lot of time and money into this house. I can’t wait to see where the next few years takes me!

Skywatch 5, #30...

December 2011

Take a spin over to Skywatch and check out more amazing skies...

Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Accounting Software - A Must for Any Small Business...

I'm considering starting a small business. With small being the operative word, I expect small returns.  But that doesn't mean I should think small when choosing accounting software.
Accounting is an important and necessary skill for anyone in business. Accounting shows the state of a business in numbers instead of words. Accounting provides the very important information one needs to understand how a business grows and earns money, where profits end up and what the cash flow is. One needs to have a basic understanding of accounting to be successful.
With that said, accounting can be quite intimidating to the common person. But, it doesn't have to be. There is accounting software out there that is easy to understand and learn. Accounting software does a lot of the work for you. One still needs to enter information for pertinent information about your business. But that work is done only once, when you set up your software. After that, the business owner enters receipts, sales invoices, bank statement info and employee and payroll information.This is not a complete list, but you get the idea.Once you set up you company in the accounting software, it takes that information and works it for you to generate reports with the information a small or large business owner needs.
Consider accounting software for your new or old business. It's important and it will help you get the information you need to succeed and information you need to provide for taxes.