Thursday, April 12, 2012

Today's A-Z Challenge is brought to you by the letter K...

When I was a kid, I raided the fridge the moment I arrived home from school. My mother wasn't home to stop me, so I ate whatever I pleased. I considered it payment for her not being there to cook for me.

Most of the time, I took the supper-like snack into the living room and snapped on the tv. In those days, one had to actually wait for the tubes in the tv to warm up before the screen would display anything. After that, one had to fiddle with the antenna to properly tune in the channel to see anything more than static or snow.

Klondike Kat

My first choice for afternoon viewing was cartoons. Klondike Kat in particular. I loved that Klondike Kat was such a dope and got into hilarious jams trying to catch his nemesis, Savior-Faire, a crafty, cheese thieving mouse. Savoir-Faire went around with a big thug-like dog, who may not have been too bright. 
I don't remember a whole lot about the episodes. What I remember most is the wonderful feeling of being home alone, with the fridge and the tv to myself. Those were the days...

Wednesday, April 11, 2012

The A-Z Challenge - Seven Letters...

I haven't abandoned the A-Z Challenge, I 've just  missed a few days.
Let's say seven to be exact. But I have excuses. The first being I worked my derriere off since last Wednesday. I labored at both my current jobs and I got a new job! I'm pretty excited about my new job because I really need money. But I'm experiencing a bit of fear concerning this new job. Will I catch on quickly enough? Will I be good enough and make the 90 day probation period? I can't sweat it because I have too much to do.

My second excuse for my absence from the A-Z Challenge is time. Almost every minute of my time this last week has been taken up by jobs or orientation for the new job or hours of housework. And the really sad part is, my house is still a wreck and I have piles of laundry and a broken dryer. Whatever. I'll just work around that I guess.

My last excuse is insanity. I want to keep all three of these jobs, but I can't. And I would be nuts to even try.

Lastly, I have a question. What the heck is a jitney? Beats me.

Saturday, April 7, 2012

Buying? Selling? You Need A Conveyancing Solicitor...

In my dreams, I have more money than any respectable person needs. I have so much money, I can buy anything I want, any where I want. So I dream up beautiful seaside cottages and small farms in England or Wales. I imagine a long holiday in a cozy stone cottage set on a cliff overlooking a picturesque harbor. But maybe retirement at a small self sustaining farm would be nice. Either way, I would need the services of conveyancing solicitors to facilitate the purchase of my dreams. Since dream money is easy to come by, this should all come together nicely.

I invite everyone to accompany me on my dream travels. It's easy, fun and really simple. Just decide where you would like to go and set off! No muss, no fuss! One needs only a vivid imagination since armchair travelers haven't the need for luggage. Virtual passports and visas are very easy to obtain. They come in a variety of colors too! I'm confident we will have the time of our lives! Scrumptious dinners, a never ending shopping spree, first class air travel can all be had with just the smallest effort. So come on, dream up something big and let's go!

Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Got Online

Post contributed by Hilton Miranda

I went to smallbusiness.xo at the suggestion of one of my part time employees and man, it’s made things a lot easier around here. Business is slow because of the economy so I thought now would be a good time to get organized behind the scenes so that when things did pick back up I’d be ready, you know? So I told my intern to get online and organize all the pictures and even my part-time staff has been pitching in with everything from organizing the back office to arranging all the stuff in the closets. It’s hard enough owning an event planningcompany without having to store all this stuff but I just found that it made more sense economically in the long run to buy it than to try and rent it all out, you know? My clients come to me because they know I can give them a really good deal and it’s because I’ve spread myself out far and wide – sometimes I think it’s a bit too thin, actually!

The A-Z Challenge continues with the letter C!

When I was a kid, I looked at tv a lot.
I remember sitcoms and the Vietnam War and variety shows.
A fun part of the variety shows was this bigger than life personality known as Charo!

Long story short, Charo is a gas! She has big blond hair, teeny tiny sparkly costumes and English is not her native language. Charo sings and dances and is downright hilarious. She put "cuchi cuchi"  into the American lexicon. Charo is beautiful and I love her. I think everyone else does too. What I like most about Charo is her beautiful guitar playing.

The Carol Burnett Show was also a great part of my tv time. 
Carol herself was great, 
but I really tuned in for Tim Conway and Harvey Korman.
Those two were the funniest people on tv at the time. 
I'm so glad we had that time together...

Monday, April 2, 2012

The A-Z Challenge - The Letter B!

The A-Z Challenge continues with the letter B!

Each year at the greenhouses we grow Brugmansia. They are absolutely stunning flowering plants native to South America. Every year I say I'm going to bring a couple home and I haven't yet. This year I want three to make a really nice background for a new garden I'm planning. 

Nice, huh? 

I don't have any pictures of my own, but I found this picture here.
We grow ours as annuals because of the short growing season here and they get about 3-4 ft high.
In their native places they can grow much bigger.
I have no idea what colors we'll grow, but I'm pretty excited about my new garden. Any color I can get will be super!

Sunday, April 1, 2012 - Your Source for Stunning Gifts...

My favorite aunt lives in Birmingham, England. Her name is Estelle. I don't get to see her much so it's very important to me to remember her on her birthday. Auntie Estelle loves flowers and has a stunning garden. I've always wanted to send her plants , but I'm know they won't make it from Carver,USA to Birmingham, England alive. Problem solved: order Serenata flowers on line!

Sending any gift through the mail to an overseas destination requires a ton of pre-planning. Since I've never been brave enough to send a little plant, I start with deciding what I will send. Then I make or buy the gift. Here comes the tricky part: I must package the gift with plenty of padding so it arrives at her door in the same condition as when it left me and I have to get the package in the mail in enough time to get to her before her special day. In the past, I haven't been too good at this part.

My fabulous cousin Sally hooked me up with this perfect solution. I can choose the plants I want and have them delivered right to her door! I can choose when I want them to be delivered and they can get them over to her as soon as the next day. This is perfect for me, Mrs Procrastination.

Looking through the site I discovered I can send a wide variety of plants. I saw fruit trees, flowering shrubs, orchids and house plants. There are so many to choose from, I had to get Sally's advice. We settled on a beautiful pink orchid and a really colorful Guzmania. Sally was so excited that she could barely keep it to herself. I made her promise not to spill the beans.

Sally isn't much of a gardener, but last year she bought a house. After helping me pick out plants for Auntie Estelle, Sally got really excited about her own garden. I emailed her this great site for plant care, There she will find a ton of information to get her started.

A is for April! The A-Z Challenge...

A is for April!
A is for the A-Z Blog Challenge!
All the information you need to participate can be found here.
Let me sum up.
Beginning the first of April, post everyday except Sundays.
Yes April 1st is a Sunday, but that is the only Sunday you post.
Every letter of the alphabet represents a day in April. 
So the letter A represents April 1st.
The letter Z April 31st.
Go grab some snazzy badges and banners from A-Z Blog Challenge 
and lets have some fun!

April showers might bring May flowers, 
but for me all April showers really ever brings me is mud.
Mud in the yard, on the dog and on my shoes. I don't mind the mud until it enters the house. Then I become so disgusted I just want to put gravel down on every inch of the property. That's not really feasible, but once the mud is gone, the ground becomes really hard and dry and dusty. And then the dusty comes into the house. After that, snow. There's just never and end to the mud, dust and snow aggravation!