Sunday, October 31, 2010

Weekend Reflections -

If you want to see some really stunning reflection photos, take a trip over to see James at Newtown Area Photo. You won't be disappointed!

Saturday, October 30, 2010

It All Began Like This...


I was out of bed and into the shower and out the door and at Pauline's house by 3:10am.
Pauline and I were in Logan airport by 4:15am. Our flight left at 6am and this is what I saw:

We boarded the plane still sleepy.

So our flight was a little late, but we were magically transported over to our resort.

We ended up here...

This is what we saw when we stepped away from the registration desk...

More later...

Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Oliver's Labels - Personalized Labels for All Your Child's Things...

The folks over at Oliver's Labels were kind enough to send me a few labels for review.The labels are designed to be attached to kids clothing, shoes, toys, dishes, cups or what-have-you. I like the labels very much. The labels are personalised with the child's name and are waterproof and quite durable. I received labels for shoes,cups or toys and clothing. I put two labels in a pair of shoes belonging to a four year old. I put labels in some of her clothing. I also applied them to a dish and a cup.

After a couple of weeks, the labels are hanging tough inside the shoes. No wear or peeling is evident. The labels I put to the toys have held up well too. I was a little skeptical about the labels I placed on items that would be washed. But they seem to be holding up rather well. Again, I have seen no evidence of peeling, fading or scuff marks. I can honestly say these labels are waterproof, dishwasher and laundry safe.

Not only are the labels colorful and fun, but they have a great feature I find quite interesting. Printed on the label with the child's name is a code that is used to get the item back to it's owner if it is ever lost.

I work at a small theme park geared toward the 3-9 year old set. I find a lot of shoes, cups and toys that have been left behind. While I send everything I find to the lost and found department, there is only one way a lost toy or shoe can be reunited with its owner.The parent has to call us and see if their item actually showed up in lost and found. With the code printed on the label, a finder can let the fine folks at Oliver's Labels know the item was found. Oliver's labels will then alert the family and help arrange to get the toy or shoe or cup back to it's rightful owner. I bet this could all take place before the child or mom even realises the thing has gone missing.

Check out these rough and tumble labels over at Once there you can design your label and customize it the way you like. The original labels are priced very nicely at just under 50 cents each. I like this price because it seems the labels will last a very long time and may never need to be replaced.

Product review & giveaway disclosure: I received one or more of the products mentioned above for free using Regardless, I only recommend products or services I use personally and believe will be good for my readers. I am disclosing this in accordance with the Federal Trade Commissions 16 CFR, Part 255 "Guides Concerning the Use of Endorsements and Testimonials in Advertising."

Change of Plans...

A couple weeks ago, Pauline and I made arrangements to go to New Hampshire to close up her cottage. She made arrangements to have the plumber meet us at 9am. We decided we would go to the dump a few times over the weekend and clean up the yard a bit...

You may recall I tried to get her to change plans and go to Myrtle Beach instead. No go. But she did call me up this afternoon and tell me the plans did change. She told me not to pack for New Hampshire. I asked why? What happened? Aren't we going? Pauline said we are still going away, but not to New Hampshire. So I asked where we are going....

We are going to Disney World!

She fooled me into thinking we were going to New Hampshire to work and I was fine with that. But this is so much better!

I asked Pauline why she didn't tell me a month ago when we made the initial NH plans.This is what she said:
"Last Christmas at dinner, we were all talking and you (meaning me) said you wished someone would just call you up and say "We're going to Disney World tomorrow!"' (wow) "So I'm calling you. You got your wish!"

You know, I am blessed to have such a person in my life. Someday, I will do the same for her.

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

The Muffed Target - No. 17...

Post a picture that didn't come out.
Tell what happened, or what you were aiming for.
Link up to Thom and check out the other Muffed Target entries...

I think it's plain to see, Travis was trying to work her puzzle and I got too close with the camera. Pfft!

Logos Rated - Simple!

I've been searching for a company to have a couple logos designed. I need one for the greenhouses and one for my blog.I want something plain and simple for my blog, but one that's interesting and informative. Logo Works seems promising to me, but I'm unsure. is a company the reviews design companies and puts all the comparative info in one place. From there it's easy to peruse and choose which design company best suits your needs. The logo for the greenhouses needs to be a little more than simple and plain. I want that logo to show color and detail, I want the greenhouse logo to showcase what they are all about in a tiny space. I want the greenhouse logo to be easily recognised and most important, remembered.

Logo Design Guru has a great package for small businesses. After a consult, Logo Design Guru will design a logo, include one revision and charge a very reasonable price.This is great! It's just what I  had hoped for. I'm still going to shop around a bit, but has taken away the worry and stress of choosing a design company.

Sunday, October 24, 2010

microfiction Monday #54...

The idea is to tell a story in 140 characters or less.

Joan looked at Bette with disdain and
hissed to Mae, "She has no shame!"
Bill saw Bette had no bra.
Bill said to Seamus "That's my girl! 

Have A Great Time At New Hampshire Motor Speedway!

Contribution by Darren Saunders

Every year my dad and I make the trip to Loudon, New Hampshire. That's the closest NASCAR track to us. We've been to a couple others, but there are no other racetracks that are on our yearly list.
Loudon is just over a mile long, which makes it easy as far as being a spectator. We have never had a bad seat, although we do prefer to sit up high to see the whole course. It's a great little racetrack that is actually a world-class facility.
We used to pack for it, but now we let the day dictate. Lots of people bring their coolers but we stopped doing that about five years ago. Now it's grab the tickets, set theHome Security alarm, and head out the door. Whatever we need we'll get on the way.
New Hampshire Motor Speedway is a must for New England NASCAR fans. It's pretty cool to be up there and see the kids who are obviously there for the first time. Their eyes are wide and they're basically speechless. I remember being that way! Now I'm not quite as obvious, but I still have a great time.

Saturday, October 23, 2010

Weekend Reflections - Ella Resurfaces...

After I trudged all the way back from Three Acre Bog, I was fit to be tied! I wasn't afraid anymore, I was mad. I went back to the platform to thank Conductor Bob for all his help. 
"Good news!" cried Bob, "I found her!"

"Ella, where have you been?" I demanded. "I've been looking all over for you! You were lost for like 3 hours!"
Ella rolled her eyes and explained to me that she was never lost. 
She knew where she was the whole time!
As Ella and I walked back to the kitchen, she told me of her adventures.

First, Ella boarded the train and headed out to Three Acre Bog. While she was there, she begged Mike to take her for a spin around the bog on the picking machine.

Mike said he was sorry, but he thought it was too dangerous for elephants. He said "Ella, there are rides over there that are superfun! Go check 'em out!" and sent her back to the park.

Ella was psyched to find one of her own kind who was friendly enough to have a picture made.

Ella enjoyed the carousel, but she did spend a lot of the ride looking at her reflection in the mirrors!

I hope Melli forgives me for misplacing Ella! Surely Ella's independent spirit is no reflection on me!

Take a ride over to see James at Newtown Area's worth it!

House Party!

I was lucky enough to be chosen to host a House Party today!

I used a special House Party website to invite my guests and I got a few RSVP's. 
Just now I'm waiting for everyone to arrive.

My party features Folger's Special Roast Coffee and Land O'Lakes Half & Half. Folger's and Land O'Lakes were kind enough to send me a party pack with a bunch o' goodies inside!

But the most exciting thing is the great coffee and coupons for half & half included in my party pack.
I'm looking forward to hanging out with my friends and sharing some coffee and snacks! 

Friday, October 22, 2010

Neighborhood Tour...

Guest post written by Carl Martin

This is a pretty big year for everyone in our town because we're celebrating our bicentennial. That means that our small town is hosting a lot of different events next weekend, including a tour of the historical homes in the oldest parts of town, which happens to include our home.
We've kept up our home to be pretty true to how it looked historically, with modern updates, of course. I wanted to make sure that it was looking its best because there would be a whole bunch of people looking at and taking pictures of our place. So I headed to and found some pricing for getting our place reroofed.
We went with the black shingles like the original look on the house and it looked so much better once it was all finished. We're feeling a lot better about hosting the tour. Now my wife is just worried about making sure that her garden looks in top shape.
People won't be really vocal about if our place didn't look great, but I want my wife to get lots of compliments on our home, which I'm sure we'll get.

Thursday, October 21, 2010

Thomas the Tank Engine birthday...

My son is obsessed with trains. I guess I can blame it on my sister for getting him all those Thomas the Tank Engine books and toys. But there are a lot worse things that a 6 year old can be obsessed with, like something violent.
I wasn't at all surprised when I asked him what kind of party he wanted to have for his 6th birthday that he said he wanted a party about trains. So I ordered a bunch of Thomas the Tank Engine party supplies online for him. I wanted a matching cake but didn't trust myself to handle that too so I searched online for cake decorators with direct tv internet. I found one that was right near our town and called her and told her what I wanted.
The cake along with all the decorations were perfect and I think my son and his friends had a whole lot of fun. I don't know if he'll still be into Thomas the Tank Engine for his next birthday, but if so we'll still have plenty of party favors left over.

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Aspen Medical Products for Back and Neck Pain...

Last week I was discussing neck and lower back pain with my friend Madeline. I was describing  my problems to her. Madeline works for a physical therapist and she said I may be helped by the products from Aspen Medical Products.

I've been considering back supports. I've had a diagnosis of degenerative disk disease from the doctor. I've also been to physical therapy. But I still have pain. I'm hoping a back brace will give me some support while I stand for lengthy periods at work. I also lift things, so the brace just might help keep me from straining myself. I learned that with degenerative disk disease, there is not a whole lot that can be done. Degenerative disk disease is common as we get older, it is normal wear and tear on our backs..

Madeline talked to me about spinal stenosis, another common ailment of folks getting older and daily life taking its toll. Spinal stenosis is a narrowing of the spinal column which causes a compression of the spinal cord and nerves. A back brace would take the strain off the tired muscles and allow  me to feel better sooner. Spondylolisthesis is another common ailment caused by degenerative disk disease or arthritis. This occurs when a vertebra slips forward onto a bone below it. Treatment for spondylolisthesis varies, but the condtion can be helped by a back brace.

 I'm glad Madeline told me about Aspen Medical Products. I feel better about trying a back brace. My doctor told me surgery isn't necessary. I will go back to physical therapy, but I think a back brace at work may keep me from doing any more damage.

Ask Not for Whom the Meme Tags; It Tags for Thee!

Quilly at Quintesenntially Quilly didn’t tag me with this, I just jumped up and took it. Since I stole it, I am not obligated to tag anybody, but I will leave 7 questions at the end in case you feel inspired to tag yourself. Q  gave me these seven questions:

1. If you were alone with Obama and could ask him one question, what would it be?
"Have you mastered the walk?"

2. Tell us about your toothbrush and toothpaste.
Why? It's like any other brush and paste. Whatever do you want to know? That I use them? I do.

3. Which room in your house do you spend the most time in — why?
I spend most of my time in what is technically my living room. It is the biggest room an the house and it also doubles as my bedroom, office and closet. I spend most of my time here because there is no place else for me to go. The two bedrooms are occupied by others and the house has a total of 576 square feet.The only other place is the kitchen, which is not even big enough for two people to stand in.

4. What article of clothing do you detest but wear anyway — why?
There is no article of clothing I detest but wear anyway. I given all that up. I do not wear clothes that do not suit me, ever. Even when it is required, I do not wear them. If I get in trouble, I take it.

5. What favorite food from your childhood would you refuse to eat if you were given some today?
There is not one.

6. Chances are good that you got blamed and punished for doing something you didn’t do when you were a kid. What was it, and was your innocence ever proven?
I was usually the one doing the dirty deeds and allowing others to be caught and punished. I remember one time, I wrote in green chalk on my mother's kitchen calendar, "Peter Galbreth is a fag." I must have been about 8 or 9. I'm not sure if I understood all the meanings of the word fag, but the twins got slammed for this. They were in deep doo-doo. I kept my mouth shut and slinked away. But later they found me and I got my a** kicked.

7. Why did you decide to answer these questions?
Because, everything I do on this blog is in hopes that someone will notice me and I will get readers! And with readers come COMMENTS! After comments? Who cares! Just as long as people visit and comment, I'm square.

Each of the following questions assume money is not an issue.
My 7 questions for you:

1.Where would you visit? Who would you take along?
2.Would you take 3 four year olds to a theme park or the playground at school?
3.How much of your money would you give away?
4. You have a choice between a 3 year old BMW 328i that needs major work or a perfect Nissan Versa hatchback. Which one?
5.Your pet has taken ill, the vet is unable to pinpoint the cause of the illness and the pet is suffering.What now?
6.Freshman girl comes home with  a wad of cash, spiked green hair, metal in her face, skimpy clothes and a senior boyfriend, (who was actually held back 2 years). What would happen at your house?
7.If I called you up right now and invited you over, would you bring anything? If so, what?

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

The Muffed Target - No. 16...

Post a picture that didn't come out.
Tell what happened, or what you were aiming for.
Link up to Thom and check out the other Muffed Target entries...

No, this is not what I wanted to see. I wanted to see the frog. He was there when I raised the camera to my face. But when I looked at the pictures later, the frog was not there. He must have slipped under just before I pressed the button. 

Saturday, October 16, 2010

Try Southern Cooking...

Thanks for the article from a fabulous cook,Glenda Hanson.

Most cooks in the kitchen get tired lof the same recipes. If you cook everyday it is not hard to run out of ideas for cooking. Try cooking something new to please family, friends or guests. Agood southern cooked meal always hits a home run. I get most of my ideas by watching the cooking channel on the directv I got from Satellite television has many great cooking stations to choose from. It is always best to be organized and plan ahead. Making a menu will be quite helpful. Southern Fried Fish is a meal the whole family will enjoy. It will serve well with steamed vegetables and a green salad and add an ice cold beverage to make the meal complete.

Southern Fried Fish


2 pounds of fresh filet catfish



Garlic powder

Corn oil

1 cup of yellow corn meal

1 cup of flour, all-purpose


1. Season the fish with the salt, pepper, and the garlic powder. Set aside in a bowl for about 30 minutes to allow the seasonings to soak in.

2. In a heavy skillet, heat 3 cups of corn oil to 350 degrees F.

3. In a medium mixing bowl, mix together the corn meal and the flour until well combined.

4. Coat each piece of fish on all sides and shake off excess mix.

5. Place some pieces of fish into hot oil, do not over crowd, leave room for turning the fish over.

6. Turn each piece of fish over. You will know when the fish is ready to turn by the edges turning golden brown. If the heat is set to medium it will take about 5 minutes before the fish is ready top turn.

7. Turn the fish with a spatula, this prevents the fish from breaking.

8. Take each piece out of the hot oil and place on a platter that is covered with paper towels to allow the grease to drain from the fish.

9. Serve hot and enjoy!

Ella's Adventures at Edaville...Part Deux...

After Bob made the announcement, there were a few Ella sightings. 

One said she was on the platform waiting to board the train. One said she was on the train, heading for the bogs. One said she had gone to The general manager's office and was 
taking a nap on the couch. Conductor Bob sent one of the Candy Store Kids up to the office. No go. Ella was not on the couch.

As the train arrived in the station, I tried to be calm as I searched the cars for her. Mr Heath, the engineer hopped down and marched over to me. "I hear you've misplaced an elephant. Well, I found her!" 

Mr Heath was very angry. 
"That elephant pulled the emergency stop! 
She made me let her off  by Three Acre Bog so she 
could ride the picking machine! 
"You get out there NOW! CONTROL THAT ELEPHANT!" 
he bellowed in his loud voice.
Needless to say, I ran!

When I got out to Three Acre Bog, the machine was parked and all the pickers had gone for lunch. 
Ella was nowhere to be seen...

to be continued...

Book Tee Times on Short Notice? Yes You Can!

In a couple weeks, Pauline and I are going up to New Hampshire to winterize her cottage and close it up for the season. I love watching the seasons change, I love cool weather and winter sports.But right now I'm itching for more summer.A few rounds of golf at a course that doesn't turn into a tobogganers dream in a couple months would be great. Yes, I am still pining for South Carolina and the golf courses there. I am hoping that over the next couple of weeks, I can convince Pauline to let Manda and Colleen close up the cottage.That way Poe and I would be free to hit the road to Myrtle Beach! Tee times are available! I think we should have a weekend, one weekend to play golf before the snow flies.

If I'm lucky and Pauline agrees, we will be making plans at the very last minute. But I'm positive we can make last minute golf plans at From there you can book tee times within 48 hours of  play. If I do talk Pauline into South Carolina instead of New Hampshire, we will be able to get tee times at over 50 great courses offering all skill levels. I am a brilliant golfer. Pauline not so much. So we need a lot of courses to choose from.

I'm cruising the course list on 48 hour tee times now. They all look grand and it will be hard to choose. But I have to work on Pauline, Myrtle Beach is calling...

"Grandmother," That's Who...

Who wears black and a string of pearls to a picnic? 

"I thought I told you not to take my picture."

Friday, October 15, 2010

Looking for Mr. Webhost...

"And here's your host..."
I've been thinking about putting all my domains with one host. It's become too confusing to keep them all separately. I just want to keep the ducks lined up and the eggs all in one basket. But I’m having a tough time finding a host that suits me.

With so many web hosts out there, I'm not sure I have the time to sift through all of them and find one that can host multiple domains. I’ve been reading for two hours and I’m no closer to making a decision. I’m going to check out the winners of best hosting awards. That will help me wade through countless reviews and lists. Since I already have my domains and sites, transferring everything over has to be relatively simple and quick. I don’t want to wait around for my changes to take place. I need a strong, fast server with 100% uptime. Is there such a thing? I’m looking for unlimited bandwidth and disk space. I know I can have that.

Has anyone got any suggestions? I’d like feedback. I’m looking for a reasonably priced package containing what I described above. Let me hear your praises and slams. Let’s talk, shall we?

Thursday, October 14, 2010

Fall Plantings and Fiberglass Planters - A Great Combination...

Fall is upon us here in New England. The leaves are turning and the nights are growing colder.Some cranberry farmers are still harvesting.Folks have closed up swimming pools, begun to winterize campers and put away all the summer toys.Just this week I took the last tomatoes off my plants and turned everything under in preparation for next year.  I've decided to plant winter rye in my vegetable garden. Over the winter and when I turn it under in the spring, the winter rye will add valuable nutrients to my soil. I also took all the summer plants out of my fiber glass planters, to make ready for some fall plantings.

Still, I'm not ready for winter just yet. I found some stunning  fiberglass planters and I'm going over to the greenhouses to check out asters and mums and other fall plants. I particularly like mums and asters because they will hang tough through light frosts until Thanksgiving. 

I like the idea of a fiberglass planter because they are frost tolerant and quite durable. Over the years I've ruined terra cotta planters by leaving them out too long. If allowed to freeze, terra cotta will crack or break. I know this from experience. I miss my flowers and decorative plants in the winter. Sometimes after a windy day or a storm, I go out and gather pine branches and bits of holly to adorn my bare planters. In the past I've wired pine cones to the branches for more interest.

Some Advice for Friends...

This came in the mail to me today from my sister Peggie.

Please send an uplifing message to a friend.
We all need a little encouragement!

Every sixty seconds you spend angry, upset or mad,
is a full minute of happiness you'll never get back.

Today's "Message of the Day" is:
Life is short, break the rules, forgive quickly, kiss slowly, love truly,
laugh uncontrollably and never regret anything that made you smile.

Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Ella's Adventures at Edaville...

Cranberry Festival took place over Columbus Day weekend. It was busy and a bit chaotic at times, but all the kids stepped up to the plate and worked hard. Ella had a good time too.
In fact, we didn't see her much at all.
Ella and I arrived early on Saturday. I set to work and my co-workers began to arrive about 8am. By 8:30 I was busy assigning tasks and going over the events of the day with the other supervisor, grill and fry cooks and the runner. About 10, when the gates opened, I realised I hadn't seen Ella for quite some time.

I asked Shuli, the runner, "Have you seen Ella?"

Shuli said he had last seen Ella riding the Carousel. So I hustled over to the Carousel. I stood at the exit and watched the ride travel round and round. I didn't see Ella. When the ride stopped, I climbed aboard to look for her. I was worried she may have fallen and been trampled by the horses. I called for Ella, I howled for Ella, then I began to cry. Head in hands, I said quietly, "Melli is going to kill me."

One of the Carousel horses snorted loudly to get my attention.

He reported seeing Ella just before the ride let out, heading in the direction of the Dumbo ride. He also told me Ella had mentioned fried dough and helicopter rides before she took off. All I could think was "I'm dead when Melli finds out I let Ella loose at Cranberry Fest."

I ran over to the Dumbo ride. No Ella.

From there, I went directly to the platform to Conductor Bob. I tearily explained the situation. Bob said "Settle down, hang tight. I'll make an announcement." He pressed the button on his walkie - talkie and alerted the train crew, the clean-up crew and management, that Ella was missing. Then he got the microphone for the PA and began his announcement.

"Ladies and gentlemen, may I have your attention ,please!" I stood there wringing my hands.

To be continued...

Nursing School is a Challenge, Finding Good Scrubs Shouldn't Be...

I talked to my cousin Marisa yesterday. She is in nursing school in Maryland. We talked for a goodly long time, I haven't seen her since the wedding in September. We did a bit of catching up, then she described all her classes and stuff to me. She said she's having a great time despite her work and school load, but she hates the scrubs available to her at the hospital. Marisa wants custom made scrubs.

Marisa described her work in the hospital like this: hard work, heavy lifting, standing for long periods, more hard work and heavy lifting. She would like to have nursing scrub tops that actually fit her. Apparently she has a rather long torso and what she wears now is much too short. Whenever she has to help move a patient or turn someone over or stretch and pull or carry, her top rides up and her midriff is open to the world. She does not like that. "Rather drafty" are the words she used.

Nurses scrub uniforms are generally roomy and comfortable. Marisa told me she needs length in the top and the bottoms to be not quite so roomy. I guess shes had a couple close calls with her pants being so baggy that they've caught on things and almost caused serious mishaps. I'm sure she'll find something that suits her. I just hope she finds it before her pants take their leave...

Monday, October 11, 2010

When We Were Very Young...

I loved this Winnie ther Pooh dress.... so much so I had one the next year. But this dress, I think was my signature look for first grade. I was a darling child, in photographs anyway. I think JoAnn must have cut my hair herself. My hair is much darker now.
Look at my face. I think this picture was taken just a tiny bit before everything went haywire.
And as I remember, there's a lot more going on in that head than anyone ever realised...

Saturday, October 9, 2010

Ella Has A New Friend...

Ella finished puzzling and crafting and went looking for something to read. She hefted herself up onto the top of the bird cage to search the stack. She must have caused a bit of a ruckus because Birdie got right out of bed and rushed out to investigate.

While Ella was checking out The Portable Dorothy Parker, Birdie climbed into her lap and introduced herself by squawking loudly. I think she startled Ella, but she seemed to take it in stride. They had a nice chat and Birdie admired Ella's outfit. Then Birdie excused herself and headed back to bed, explaining she had an early meeting.

Ella returned Dorothy Parker to the shelf and decided on Horton Hears a Who! instead.

Friday, October 8, 2010

Rain Chains - Old Concept, New Styling...

The other day while it was raining, I heard rain water rush through the downspouts. It was loud and unsettling, not at all pleasing. While I love the sound of falling rain on leaves, on the walkway or the roof, the banging and clattering of water speeding through the chute is unnerving. I would like my surroundings to be more peaceful, a place to get away from the stresses of everyday life. A beautiful rain chain will help me achieve some quiet.

Japanese gardens seem rather simple, but have subtle details that invite us to see more. Upon closer inspection we notice subtle details and complexity. Each of the senses are gently awakened to the textures and sounds of the space. There is a balance between simple and complex resulting in quiet contemplation, in a place of serene beauty, where one goes to relax.Water is often a component of a Japanese garden. Japanese rain chains are often used in place of downspouts, to create a more soothing atmosphere.

I'd like to try a gutter rain chain. I can picture the water being guided down the chain to the ground, or directed into a rain barrel for later use. Water collects naturally under my downspouts, but it drains away as soon as the rain stops. A copper rain chain and a decorative
basin at the front of the house would look stunning and sound much nicer. Birds may even come for a sip of water.This spot is near the window to my office, so it would be less distracting while I work. At the back of the house, a rain chain leading to a rain barrel would be a great help in the summer. I grow tomatoes nearby and I could water them without moving hoses around.

I love my yard and I love to spend time in it, even when it rains.Rain falling on different surfaces is pleasing to me. A rain chain will be a welcome addition to our place.

Monday, October 4, 2010

The Muffed Target - No. 14...

Post a picture that didn't come out.
Tell what happened, or what you were aiming for.
Link up to Thom and check out the other Muffed Target entries...

I went to the greenhouses the other day. Marg told me that Mike was down at the bog picking berries. I wanted some pictures, so I hustled down there before they finished. When I got there I was greeted by Max. He was soaking wet and had a yellow tennis ball in his mouth. mike and Dave were having trouble getting a pump going to finish flooding, so they were busy.They were ignoring Max who wanted them to throw the ball for him.

The dog had been in and out of the water for probably two hours. I didn't want to throw the ball because I thought he'd had enough. But I wanted a picture of the dog swimming through the berries with the ball in his mouth. These pictures are actually the best of the bunch.

Address Plaques - More Than a Number...

Last night, Tam and I took a ride through a swank new neighborhood down by the canal. The homes were just beautiful. We found one with a fantastic cobblestone driveway and a very interesting stonewall on either side of the cobblestone drive. Each wall had two very stately columns, about six feet high. As we drove past, we saw a workman attaching stunning whitehall address plaques.

I thought the house was grand, but the cobblestone drive and the columns added something special to the entrance of the home. But the address plaque added a very nice touch to the whole place. It put just the right finishing touch on everything.

Tam pulled over to tell the workman we thought the place and especially the columns and the drive were fabulous. We found out that the workman was in fact the homeowner. Mr Brown told us that he was a mason and had been doing stone and brickwork for 40 years. He built the house as a retirement home for he and his wife. Mr Brown was very pleased the we admired his work and asked us in to meet his Mrs and show us around the place.

The drive led us up to the front of the house. It was decorated with colorful mums, asters and other fall plantings. There were two more home address plaques gracing either side of the front door. Mrs Brown came out to welcome us and took us on a tour of the grounds. From the back of the home there was a cute little cobblestone path that led to a quaint little building that looked like a shed. As we approached, I noticed two wall address plaques. One was attached to a post along the path. It read: 143 Lover's Lane. The other was placed on one side of the door to the little shed. This plaque read: Araminty Brown.

We found out that Mrs Brown is quite an accomplished sculptor and Mr Brown built this studio just for her. Inside were many works of art that chronicled the lives of both Mr and Mrs Brown.
The two were deeply in love and likely to remain that way.

Ella Apologizes...

When Ella arrive the other day, she seemed short, cranky and overwhelmed. We let her have her space and a good long nap. When she woke, she toddled around the house looking for Colleen. When Ella found her, Colleen was working a puzzle. Ella climbed right up onto the table and apologized to Colleen for stealing her bed and begged to help with the puzzle. Colleen graciously accepted her apology and and told Ella she was sorry too. Colleen said she didn't realize Ella had traveled so far, in a very short amount of time, and asked Ella to forgive her for not wanting to share. Ella did.

While Ella and Colleen worked the puzzle, Manda was doing some crafting with her friend Windsor. He called to Ella and asked her to join him and be friends. Ella was very pleased to be invited and rushed over to meet her new friend. Windsor and Ella had a tough time getting the apron pattern pieces pinned and cut out, but with Manda's help, they were successful.

Right after finishing up with the apron pieces, Benjamin Beardock showed up and insisted everyone go scuba diving in the pool. Windsor said he would rather remain indoors and Ella said she had just one word for Ben, plastics.

Benjamin said he would follow Ella anywhere...

Friday, October 1, 2010

The Fabulous Bobi...

I've decided I don't like my current mailbox. It's a run of the mill, hardware store, boring mailbox. It's made of tin and although I've had it less than a year, it has begun to rust. My mailbox isn't even that attractive.

I've been considering a bobi mailbox. I love the sleek look of the Bobi contemporary mailboxes. They are made of steel, not tin. The steel is 1mm thick and reinforced at the corners. I would love to see someone take a mailbox baseball swing at one of these!

The Bobi mailbox has a lot of room and is able to hold not only a weeks worth of mail but magazines and giant envelopes. it will also accept small priority mail boxes and flat rate envelopes. These mailboxes also sport a cylinder lock to keep your mail safe and secure.

The bobi mailboxes are available in a variety of colors and unique styles. The Bobi Company is a family owned business in Vassa, Finland. Their mailboxes have become favorites of people all over the world. The Bobi is not your run of the mill mailbox. The slim, sleek design, great colors and roomy space make it not only a mail receptacle, but a conversation piece.

My lowly tin mailbox will be retired soon and a fabulous Bobi will take it's place.

Houseguest Has Arrived...

Ella arrived this afternoon in the midst of strong wind and heavy rain.

I heard something banging around on the porch and went to investigate. I thought maybe a branch had fallen. When I opened the door, something whizzed past me into the kitchen. There was more thumping and bumping and I turned to see Ella, dripping wet, sling her suitcases into the hallway. I tried to welcome her, but she shot past me on her way to the linen closet. She hastily grabbed a towel, dried off and continued down the hall where she climbed right up into Colleen's bed.Tucking herself in with Colleen's favorite blanket, she went off to sleep without a word.

Penny heard all the commotion and told Perdy something was up. They sneaked into Colleen's room and saw Ella fast asleep. Perdy mentioned to Penny that Ella had the right idea. Both agreed there was nothing better on a cool, windy and rainy day than a nice nap. As Penny and Perdy gingerly lay down, Ella stirred. Realising there was no danger, Ella settled herself and went back to sleep.

I picked up Ella's suitcases and took them into the guest room and put her things away. I hope she won't mind moving to that room when she wakes. There will be a ruckus if Colleen comes home and finds two dogs and an elephant in her bed!