Friday, October 21, 2011

Belts for Girls: Style Accentuated...

I was in the market the other night waiting to check out. The line was a little long so I picked up one of the celebrity mags to look over while I waited. I noticed that belts as fashion accessory occupied a whole page. The ones shown were big, wide belts positioned at the waist and worn with dresses. While belts are not only functional, they also serve to bring attention to a persons sense of style.

I favor jeans or slacks and so do most of the ladies and girls I know. The ladies like narrow, plain belts. Young women on the other hand go for style and snazz every time. Belts for girls are a hot item these days. Webbed, canvas, studded, leather, colors, braided, it's all out there. A belt is not only a classic way to accessorize, a belt is very personal and unique to the wearer.

The addition of a belt to an outfit can serve a number of purposes. The most obvious one is to showcase the personal flair or style of the person wearing it. A young lady often develops her style by copying what she sees in a fashion magazine or movie or television show. Professional costumers and stylists draw from many sources just a s a newly fashion conscious girl or woman does. Art, nature, family and community all contribute to fashion and style, and a belt brings an outfit together in more ways than one.

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