Monday, March 24, 2014

I'm Going to Disney World!

I haven't visited Disney World since 2012 and for me that's a long time.

 So, I have two trips to Disney World planned for 2014. The first will be the end of May and the next the second week of December. Why two trips? Why May and December?

Well, it's simple, I love the parks, I love the rides and the themed resorts. I love that every time I walk into a Disney park, my humdrum life with all its problems just melts away. For that short time, I am spirited away to a place where I don't have to work or do any housework. I love the landscaping, the topiary and the atmosphere. I love that there are no rules about suppertime or bedtime. I love the stage shows and the fireworks and the parades. I love that I can ride a steam train, or a riverboat or even a tram. I can rent a bike to ride around my resort. I can have cake for breakfast.

Thank you Scott Thomas.

There are other reasons too. Right now, I just feel like I have to get away! My sister has conferences in that area in May and we decided to jump over to Disney for a long weekend. I've had the urge to bolt for quite some time, but didn't schedule any time off from work last year. I so want a break, even if it's just for a couple days. I crave a change of pace, some new scenery and a better attitude. I think the quick trip in May is just the thing.

 So, why return in December? I want to see Walt Disney World all dressed up and decked out for Christmas. I've seen the parks decorated for the 25th anniversary, Halloween, and everyday decorations in March and April, but never Christmas. Of course I've looked online at pictures and videos, but it's not enough. I want to see it in person. I want to experience the spectacle firsthand. Over the last few years, Christmas decorations have lost their sparkle for me. Since I work in a little theme park that has a Christmas festival, holiday decorations have become sorta old hat to me.I need to see some new decorations during December, with fresh holiday music, killer fireworks and an enchanted parade. I need to be awed and inspired again.

Thanks Disney

I think this will do it.


  1. Nice! Keep me posted on plans for December, I want to be there too!

  2. Nancy you should WORK in Disney ;)

  3. It will be a blast!

  4. I never posted on a blog before Nnacy but anything Disney gets me !!Awsome May and Dec ! Gary and Shayla surprised me last Christmas (pre) with long weekend to see Disney Christmas...Mickeys Verry Merry Chrismas Party was worth the ticket price! You must buy that ticket ahead of time as it sells out .The Osborne light festival at MGM is sooo much better in real life !!Enjoy the warmth in May !

  5. You've always worked very hard so you deserve any trips you can take. Christmas should be beautiful with all the decorations. Have a blast Helen


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