Sunday, June 11, 2017

Beneath the city, two hearts beat...

He never knew her name. He knew only that he loved her.
They met on the dance floor that first night and for the rest of that one long summer, each Saturday night they danced.

She was not young or very pretty.
He was young, and slim and handsome in a way that was somewhat disturbing.

He saw her first. And she noticed him noticing.
It was her eyes that attracted him.

They approached each other and made contact before their hands met.
It was deep and soulful.
They never spoke or heard the music from the room.

He could feel her sadness. She felt his shy youthfulness.
And they met to dance, time and again.

For those twelve quiet nights, they made love on the dance floor.

They became more intimate than known lovers often are.

And when the breezes came and the light changed,
they left the dance hall and never returned.

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