Sunday, February 21, 2010

Please, help me choose...

Sorry, I have been away. I'm sure there has been lots and lots 
of people freaking out because of my absence.
However, Mum's 80th birthday was February 18th.
We will celebrate next Wednesday evening.
I want to make her a birthday cake, but I have a dilemma.

It is this: 
do I make a fancy-dancy cake 
with white frosting and colored flowers 
(I would have to color frosting and re-learn flower construction ) 

or do I make the less fancy, but no less impressive cake 
that I can do blindfolded while hopping on one foot

Mum will love anything I make because she's awesome 
and she only really wants to hang out with everybody.

But which cake do you prefer?


  1. As long as it's chocolate we don't care. ;)

    Amoeba says, "The more swirly fancies the better the chance of disaster." The voice of doom and gloom has spoken.

    Now seriously, the second cake would suit me best. I don't like globs of frosting!

  2. I think if fancy cake is not an impressive issue to Mom, then make it easy on yourself, tasty to your guests, and enjoy HANGING OUT with Mom!!! (and I'm all about chocolate... but I won't be in attendance!) :)


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