Sunday, January 31, 2010

My Valentine: Nana

My Nana was a sweet and loving woman. I loved spending time with her. On the weekends, I hung out at her house most of the day. I played by myself a lot. One of my favorite things to do was to make stuff and give it to Nana.

I loved to make things out of cut paper and glue. I had a huge supply of construction paper and paste. I liked paper dolls and I would draw fancy ladies and make little clothes for them from the colored paper. It was my way of being a fashion designer. I used a bunch of different materials in my creations. The basis was always construction paper, but I would add stuff I found around the house or yard. Some things I collected from magazines or ads. I also used bits of ribbon, fabric, pillow or quilt stuffing. I would also incorporate leaves, flowers, feathers and shells, anything I could lay my hands on.

Sometimes, I made cards or 3 dimensional pictures and gave them to Nana for Valentine's Gifts. I also gave them to my folks and my brothers and sister. But Nana especially loved them. Such a Valentine always garnered a prominent spot on the front of Nana's hutch. She would always show them off to anyone who came into the house.

My cousin Lorna routinely presented Nana with a fancy, garish and expensive store bought card. Her gift was always welcomed and placed on the front of the hutch, as well as any from the other grandchildren. But they weren't fawned over by Nana. Mine was.

As a child I was shy and quiet. I didn't get much attention. But Nana noticed I had an eye for certain things and she showed off for me.


  1. How lucky you were to have a Nana that was nurturing! Such lovely memories to share. Thanks for visiting my blog and leaving such a lovely comment. Yes, that is in front of my house! I happen to be in Mass. visiting right this minute. Plainville. Have a wonderful day. ~ks

  2. Most Nana's are wonderful, but yours sounds especially so. She knew that more love came from paste and scissors then the prettiest store bought card ever made.

  3. Rabbit, Rabbit

    Lovely story. Nanas always like hand made best.


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