Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Light bulb snowman craft

Guest post written by Madeline Cross

When something is no longer usable for its purpose around the house, I like to use it for a craft or see if it can come to some other use. I just hate to be so wasteful and it's even better to try and reuse something rather than just recycle it.

I went online with our clear wireless internet about a week ago to try and come up with some Christmas crafts to make with my kids out of some repurposed stuff. Well, I found all kinds of stuff but some of it just didn't look that nice.

However, I did find this light bulb snowman project that I thought would be pretty neat. I had held onto some of our old light bulbs after we had switched over to some of those strangely shaped energy efficient ones. I had held onto them because I thought that they would be good to make some Christmas ornaments from and I was right! That's exactly what I ended up using them as, with the help of a little paint and art supplies.



    I want to make a bag out of all the plastic bags I get from the grocery store. If you like crafts like that you should check out this link I found, they had some neat stuff!


  2. The ferry broke eown and left me sitting in a parking lot for 4 hours on the wrong side of the ocean. Wish I had some light bulb crafts in my car. Wish I hadn't had $200.00 worth of meat defrosting in my trunk. Can you say, "Ewwww!"?


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