Sunday, November 28, 2010

Thanksgiving is The Start of All Things Christmas...

Guest post from: Fredrick Watkins
Our big family toils all year long to pay the bills, lay up some money for the future and times of crisis, and to make Thanksgiving and Christmas really special. No, we don't spend a fortune on gifts for ourselves. In fact, each of us only gets two gifts. We get one on Thanksgiving Day and the other on Christmas Day. The rest of our resources are given to help those in our community who don't have much.

Thanksgiving Day is the day of eating too much, but it is also the day we start watching all of our favorite Thanksgiving and Christmas TV specials. We watch everything from “A Charlie Brown Thanksgiving” to “It's A Wonderful Life” from Thanksgiving to Christmas Eve. I must admit that on Christmas Day, we do watch “A Christmas Story” more than once. That's where my son got the idea for a Red Ryder BB gun. Yes, I told him he would put his eye out. I have watched “A Charlie Brown Thanksgiving” every year since it was first aired back in 1973. Now the family follows my quirky traditions.

I stuff myself with food on Thanksgiving, but I also force myself to go outside and put up the Christmas decorations on that day no matter what the weather. I guilt the rest of the guests into helping me. Then in the evening, we all gather around the Expert Satellite television and start watching the holiday specials.

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  1. This seems to me to be a great idea. I really enjoyed reading this :)


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