Sunday, April 10, 2011

blue sky scrubs - one stop shopping for comfortable work wear...

Manda has been working in a hospital for some time now. I know she likes her job and that she hates the uniform she wears. She isn't required to wear medical scrubs, but she does because they are supposed to be loose and comfortable. She tells me the one thing her scrubs aren't is comfortable. She says they are tight where they should be loose and too loose where they should fit close.

Yesterday Manda dragged Colleen off to the scrub store. Colleen said they shopped each and every rack to no avail. They ran into the same problems Manda has with the scrubs she has now. One of the sales ladies asked if she could help. The girls described the problem and the sales lady asked if Manda had considered buying scrubs online.

The sales lady discussed one of  the problems with buying scrubs: different manufacturers use different patterns and sizing charts. The nice lady directed Manda to a website where, not only the colors and fabrics are displayed, but size charts are available as well. One can also order custom made scrubs. After thanking the nice lady, Manda and Colleen rushed home to check out the website.

I'm happy to report that Manda has ordered some scrubs that she is confident will fit properly, be comfortable and made with good fabrics right here in the good old USA. If you are a nurse, or work in a hospital, you may want to check out blue sky scrubs yourself.


  1. Manda will be well dressed and looking spiffy I am sure.

  2. I should look into getting some of these, it's getting too warm for

  3. I've heard good things about Blue Sky Scrubs. I love scrubs but it's true, sometimes they don't fit well. No matter how tight I tie mine they keep on falling down! I might go check out that website too... :)


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