Friday, April 29, 2011

Royal Wedding or Spectacle - You Decide...

I got up at the crack of dawn to see the royal spectacle wedding. Well, I didn't actually get up. I woke up and rolled over and turned the volume up on the tv. I woke up late too, so I missed the very beginning of the coverage. I'm pretty sure I didn't miss anything important.I was awake so early  because I wanted to compare the coverage of the wedding of  Will and Kate, with the coverage of Chuck and Diana's nuptials.

Alright, I don't actually remember enough details from all those years ago to compare. But here's what I saw this morning that I took note of.

As Kate rode in the car with her Dad to Westminster Abbey, I noticed that she waved to the spectators.
There were trees inside Westminster Abbey.
I'm not sure if Kate's sister Phillipa,  acted as maid of honor or attendant to the bride She did not stand next to Kate during the ceremony as Harry did for Will.
During the ceremony, neither Kate nor Will shed a single tear. None that I could see anyway.
Will had to pretty much jam the ring onto Kate's finger.
There was no kiss after "husband and wife".
I am so happy both Kate and Phillipa had their shoulders covered.
It seemed to me like no one at their church knows the hymns either.
James Middleton surely practised his scripture reading.

I have some more I'll add to this later... I just have to go to work now.


  1. Ok! Jolly good start! (as they would say over there) I missed the actual nuptials so fill us in with your thoughts....I did get up early enough to catch some other stuff but I'll refrain...

  2. I would so not want to get married in a fish bowl.

  3. Hopping around the net today I have discovered that it is tradition that the royal couples NOT kiss during their nuptials. I've not seen an explanation for why that is.

  4. They dont kiss in the Church of England. Duh!

  5. Ya think?
    I wondered about that.....

  6. Also, he doesn't wear a ring, but she does...


    And I heard that Kate requested the trees be put there for her day. They are removable.

  7. I think it's tradition for Royals not to kiss...Alain and I watched the whole thing when they replayed it later in the day. Fun, fun!


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