Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Taking my garden area to the next level with furniture

Guest post written by Christy Lawless

I take a lot of pride in my garden. Since I retired I've been spending so much time in it and it's grown much bigger from all that work. It's definitely the first part that you notice about our yard now when you see our home. I'd like to have a way to spend more time in it, even when I'm not taking care of the plants, so I've decided to put some furniture out there.

I went online to get some inspiration about what exactly I could do in my garden area. While I was looking through that stuff, I ran across the site and read through it some. Then I decided to sign up for one of the internet packages that I found on the site for ! our home.

I'm really excited about this great garden furniture that I'm going to use. There's a little iron table that looks a little bit like an antique. I have three chairs that didn't originally come with the table, but go really well with it. ItÕs going to be so cute once I fix the area like I want it!


  1. Garden furniture is definitely in my future! We have that yucky resin stuff that never comes clean. I want something new and attractive, soon!

  2. New outdoor furniture is in my plans too. The old resin stuff is getting really brittle.... never mind, like yours it doesn't come clean anymore.


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