Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Bil Keane - Part of My Family Circus...

Sad news. Bil Keane passed away yesterday.
Bil Keane wrote The Family Circus comic strip, a neat, fun and sometimes thought provoking comic.
My favorites were the ones where you  followed the dotted lines to see where the character had been and what they've done. I loved The Family Circus, mostly because I could understand it even before I could read. I loved looking at the pictures whether I could read the captions or not.
But I think the most notable thing about The Family Circus, aside from its basis on Keane's own family, is that Keane was a self taught cartoonist. I loved the minimal-ness of the drawings, the simple bodies and faces. As lean as they were, those pictures told a wonderful story with very little text. I know that is the whole idea of a cartoon, but to my mind, Bil Keane did it much better than most.
Good night, Mr Keane.

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  1. I was also a fan. So sad, I had no idea he had passed. :(

  2. Loved Bill Keane and Family Circus. Like you, I became a fan of the comic strip during my learning to read years and I never out grew it.


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