Thursday, November 3, 2011

Women of Faith, Hartford November 11 - 12, 2011...

 Women of Faith rolls into Hartford,Connecticut at the XL Center, November 11 and 12, 2011.

My friends from church talk about the amazing experiences they have each year at the Women of Faith conference. I've never been. I am intrigued though, so I'm going to take a ride down there and check it out.
I'm taking my friend Margaret with me and we get to camp out in a hotel room for a couple of nights and revel in the spectacle that is Women of Faith.

So, what is Women of Faith?
I asked the church ladies and I got different responses from all of them. Each lady had a different perspective and expectation of the event. I was most curious about what each of these women took with them from the event and how they apply what they learned to their daily lives. Not one of them could be completely specific. They told me stories dealing more with feelings and connections than with concrete facts. My church friends dealt with feelings of loss and despair, powerlessness and usefulness. They also experienced feelings of being uplifted, fulfilled and finding direction and encouragement, through women's groups, small group study and service to the community.
The Women of Faith conference absolutely connected my friends with other women who felt loss, despair or powerlessness. Each woman I spoke to revealed that they came away from Women of Faith encouraged to grow in their faith, spirituality and maturity through a personal relationship with Jesus and a fuller understanding of God's grace and love. While their daily trials and troubles were not instantly solved, each lady came home with hope, a fuller understanding of her role in her family, church and community and most importantly, a sense of peace.
I'm off to see what I can discover at Women of Faith. I'll be blogging and tweeting and probably facebooking.
Check me out!

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