Thursday, May 17, 2012

Freelance Copywriting - Enjoy the Writer's Life...

Freelance copy writers are in demand. If you can write a letter or email, you may be interested in becoming a niche copy writer. A niche copy writer has knowledge in a specialized field, such as home maintenance or renovation, travel or baby products. One does not need a degree in a certain field, just expertise in that field or market. However, learning how to market yourself and get jobs as a niche copy writer is important.

Once you decide to forge ahead in the copy writing business, an accelerated program in copy writing will help you find the right clients, teach you how to market yourself, improve your skills and help you learn from other very successful copywriters. You may be new to copy writing or have some experience with writing. Either way, taking a course will help you find the proper niche and get you started in the writer's life.

A writer could make his own hours, give up a lengthy commute, spend more time with his family and live a less stressful life. Copy writing could be done in one's spare time, or become a full time career. It's up to the individual. Look into it, it may be just the thing you've been looking for...

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  1. I enjoy careers that cut you loose from the rat race. It'd be so cool to be independent like that, and as you say, be able to spend more time on the important things :)


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