Thursday, May 10, 2012

Truth is...
I don't feel like doing much at all. But I have a list a mile long.

make the bed
do the dishes
wash dry fold and put away clothing towels and blankets
sweep floors

I don't even feel like finishing this list...

Truth is...
I don't even feel like being truthful.
Because then I would have to admit that I'm lazy.

Truth is... it's raining today.
And while I never mind the rain, or the overcast skies or the cool temps,
I just despise having wet shoes and feet.
And since I have only the one pair of shoes, I'll have damp feet tomorrow too.

Truth is...
Today I feel like complaining.

Wander over to Surviving Boys and visit Juli.


  1. Me, too. Lazy, complaining, and not wanting to clean the house. Gonna do it anyway. Maybe.

  2. YEAH! I love when you post real stuff. :) You're such a funny lady I wish you'd do it more often. And clearly you're not lazy, you managed a post today, before the sun came out even!


  3. Truth is... complaining is okay. Love it.


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