Sunday, September 2, 2012

Freshwater Pearls - The World's Most Beautiful Pearls...

My birthday is in June. My research indicates that June has three birthstones, Alexandrite, Moonstone and Pearl.  I have always considered the pearl to be my birthstone and of the three it is my favorite. Years ago, mother gave me a wonderful ring. It has a gorgeous pearl with two garnets on either side. It's very old. I think it was given to mother on her 16th birthday, which would have been June 20, 1946. At least 76 years have passed since the creation of that marvelous heirloom and I hope it stays with our family for many years to come.

Manda's birthday is also in June and she favors the pearl over the other gems for her birthstone too. On her last birthday she was given a freshwater pearl necklace. It's really stunning with a pink pearl surrounded by two black pearls and two white pearls. The necklace looks wonderful with her complexion and really brings out the color of her eyes.

 Next week, Colleen is attending an engagement party for one of her colleagues. She has the cutest pink and black dress and Manda has offered her the birthday pearls for the evening. Colleen is pretty to begin with, but I think she will be the best looking girl at the party with her dress and pearls.


  1. I think these pearls will compliment Colleen's dress perfectly!

  2. That is a lovely necklace and I envy you your pearl and garnet ring. I love garnets.

  3. I love freshwater pearls, they have great color. Every time I see the word garnet I remember going into NH and finding garnets on Garnet Hill (who knew there would be garnets there?!). I think I still have a few at my mom's house...


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