Sunday, September 16, 2012

Boardwalk Empire, Season 3 - Begins Now...

In just a few minutes I may find out what happened after Margaret signed Nucky's land away to the church
I'll also find out what backlash, if any, occurs when Jillian discovers Jimmy is dead.

I'm dying to know what will happen to Richard Harrow now that the only person he has real feelings for, Angela, has met her maker as well. 

Then there's old Nelson Van Alden, with his bastard child, his wife who took a hike and Lucy Danziger, the showgirl/gangster moll/hostage.

I love Boardwalk Empire. I love the characters and their stories.

Tune in folks, we're in for a bumpy ride...


  1. I am too cheep for such entertaining shows... hell, if I could get away with it, I'd likely go back to basic.

    But the boys would protest, and drive me crazy, and I'd likely lose my mind. So for the concern of all parties involved, we'll keep the overpriced, badly serviced cable...

  2. I wish I still had cable and HBO to be able to watch it.


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