Sunday, September 20, 2015

Columbus Paver Patios...

Garden Potential with Columbus Paver Patios!

I love my yard and I love my gardens. But I don't think I utilize my outdoor space to its fullest potential. Our yard isn't very large, but we have the best of both worlds with part of the yard in full sun and a good portion in shade. We have space for a fire pit and a grilling area, as well as a gazebo or patio. I love the idea of a patio with a pergola covered in a sweet smelling flowering vine. Green and partially shady, this new space would let in a little light and allow a breeze to waft through.

I yearn for a space that is comfortable and welcoming, a space that says "Come in and relax." With the yard as it is now, it's comfortable, but it could be so much nicer. We've never actually cultivated grass, what we have is sparse and spindly and grows naturally in tufts. We have mostly white pines that grow tall and offer some decent shade. I love that my yard smells like I'm camping every day. The needles, however, hinder the growth of nice grass and the sap can be a nuisance. I do have a couple of wonderful shade gardens and fabulous lilacs, boxwood and wigelia in the sunny spots. This is wonderful, but my mind's eye sees something else.

I see a patio and walkway, created with paving stones, set nicely under a pergola for shade. A fire pit nearby would complement the space. The scent of the pines can stay, but the needles, sap and spindly, tufty grass must go. A Wisteria to cover the pergola and an adirondack chair or two might be in order. Add to this an overstuffed sofa, a hammock and an incidental table or two and the vision is complete.

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  1. I really want a great patio area too! My dry dusty yard is in need of a serious upgrade!


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