Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Ruby Tuesday...

Ruby Tuesday is brought to you today by Penny!
As you can see, she loves to help around the house. Here you can see her guarding Colleen's pillows
and doing a great, great job!

Penny also does housework.
Here she demonstrates the proper way
to clean out boxes! No one asked her to help, she just jumped right in, grabbed that box off the counter and went to town.

No one can say Penny isn't a team player!

Ruby Tuesday is sponsored by Mary the Teach.


  1. What a good girl Penny is! I bet you are so proud of her! LOL!

  2. My name is Penny.
    I love to put my nose in
    ruby-red boxes!

    My Ruby Tuesday

  3. Penny is wonderful!!
    and she is into memes, too!!

  4. A clever girl. I'm amazed at how normally dogs are so good at getting humans to clean up after them :-)

  5. Q- I do love Penny...most of the time. When she steals, I do not love her. But she is fun and funny and she has a good sense of humor. The girls get good laughs by dressing her in various articles of clothing. And she doesn't seem to mind.

    Teach - Penny put her nose in that box all right. Then she at about 8 dog treats, then at 3am, she begged to go out so she could deposit them in the yard.

    Mar and Mr North - I'll have more on the Penny scene later.

  6. Ohhhhhh... I'll have to remember to take PICTURES the next time JEWL helps clean out trash bags... over night... while we're sleeping... Usually I forget the camera in my effort to congratulate her on what a GREAT job she's done!

  7. You've gotta love someone who just helps on their own. beautiful puppy.

  8. What a great help she is!!! Cute!

  9. I read about Penny. Thats it. There were tooo many words and not enough photos. Plus I already heard about Friday Harbor, while it was happening.

  10. Is Penny a chocolate lab? She is a beauty! We have a yellow lab and he is always into mischief.


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