Saturday, August 22, 2009

Six Word Saturday...

Whhooo-hoooo! I almost forgot!
Here is my life, as of today, in six words:
Gosh darn Birdie, poo-ed my shirt!

Here is Birdie. She is a Jenday conure, given to me by friends. Friends were not amused by Birdies early rising, especially on the weekends!

While I love her, the folks here at home do not. Penny has an terrible time with her, because Birdie has taken to flying onto Penny's back and then biting the shiznit out of her.
Birdie calls to everyone, day and night. Her call is loud, shrill and utterly obnoxious. This does not endear her to the family. Even the neighbors have commented.

Travis (see my avatar, icon whatever it is) and Birdie have come to a mutual understanding.
I think the birds on the outside have clued Birdie in to that fact that Travis murders whenever she can. And I think Penny has told Travis about the sharp, strong beak Birdie possesses.

While Birdie is tame, (too all, excepting Penny) her roommate is not tame and desires to remain so. Roommate has no formal name, so we just call him Him. Him is a cockatiel, dressed in pretty standard grey, with a nice yellow face and orange cheeks. He was born in a barn, with a hundred or so others just like him. Since he was raised by birds and not people, he hates us. That is something we'll just have to live with.

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  1. Pretty bird! But I can understand not appreciating the noise, the biting, or the poo.

    Thanks for playing along with 6WS.

  2. Ahhh, the poo..
    It cleans up pretty easy, but its still really gross.
    The yelling, I can take and Birdie doesn't usuually bite me unless she sees Penny (poor Penny) nearby.

    Penny, a lab weighing in at 77 pounds is so afraid of this relatively small bird. While Penny tries to introduce herself politely and be a good neighbor, Birdies views this as agression and well, I told you what happens!

  3. I hate it when that happens! But Birdie is very cute! Happy SWS!

  4. Well, on the plus side, some cultures thing being poo-ed on by a bird is good luck. You should be swimming in it! ;)

  5. Awwwwww.... I used to have a Him! We LOVED Him... His name was Snickers... except he turned out be Her. We didn't discover that until she layed eggs! (she had bright BRIGHT orange cheeks!) 3 of them! (eggs... not cheeks) She was such a good mama to those eggs... poor thing. They were blanks of course. We had to give her away because Jewl (our lab) got big enough to jump all the way to the ceiling, and even with full flight Snickers was no longer safe in our house... She went to live with a bird family ... and has since layed more eggs! That weren't blanks! :) I LOVE a happy ending!

    Great story. Bird poo isn't MUCH poo....

  6. Thanks for sharing these Superior Snaps!

  7. Jendays are miniature macaws, in all but voice. Trust me, I know. I also sympathize with Penny; mine used to bite me 'cause I wasn't sufficient entertainment. Not to mention anyone else who tried to visit the place. They thrive on family commotion, the more the better ... and they'll probably outlive most of us.

    Maybe when I get my next mansion (that's a joke, son) ...

  8. I've got to second Quilly on some cultures thinking being pooped upon brings good luck. My mother was Japanese, and every time poop happened, she packed up her bingo markers and headed off to play!

  9. LMAO That is too funny! Especially the way you wrote it/worded it. :)

    Happy belated 6WS!


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