Tuesday, March 15, 2011

DIY sweater vest

Guest post written by Laura Popper

Now that I can finally knit, I'm kind of going crazy with it. I actually made a whole bunch of scarves for people for Christmas presents and everyone genuinely seemed to love them! So i thought that I would start on a new frontier and start knitting little things for my son. He's 5, so I think that it's a natural step up because whatever I make for him obviously won't be very big.
SO I went online with my Rural Internet to come up with some ways to use my new knitting skills and came up with the idea to make a sweater vest for my son.

I mean, if anyone can pull a sweater vest off, it's definitely a little kids because they're just so cute on them! IÕm making one out of a light blue color that just looks so good on him with his skin tone. Plus, thatÕs the color of my husbandÕs favorite sports team so I think that half of his small wardrobe already consists of that color.


  1. I want to learn to knit. I will make Amoeba sweater vests and then be insulted when he refuses to wear them.

  2. he may not refuse! especially if you use some really colorful wool and make it striped!


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