Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Pens, Envelopes and Trade Shows - Things of the Future...

Trade shows are a fact of my life. I go to a bunch of trade shows over the course of a year. There are two very cool things about the shows I attend: I get to got to shows for two different industries and the promotional pens I pick up. I love the promo pens and the product literature because after the show I refer to any literature I pick up, and the promo pen lingers and gets used. Sometimes for years.

I am also inclined to save personalized envelopes. Not the whole envelope mind you, but the part with the return address. I cut off the return address and tape it to a card in my card file. I do add this information to my electronic address book as well, but I like the idea of having addresses in a paper file. I've lost or broken so many electronic devices, I just don't count on them anymore. 

The Trade Show News Network is a great place to find shows that cater to any industry. While trade shows can be tiring with all the walking and talking to reps from so many companies, they are a fabulous place for one to see and experience first hand, products of all kinds. One cannot do this electronically.

Some people think pens, paper, books, libraries and other physical, non electronic media are a thing of the past. I don't agree. As long as there are people with eyes and hands, the need for physical media will carry on. 

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