Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Breaking Bad - Season Four...

Last night I watched the season premier of the fourth season of Breaking Bad.

Without going into details, I'd must say Gus Fring is running true to form. He shocked me once again with his quiet way and his very direct manner of dealing with "problems." Gus can see very far into the future and he plans for all contingencies.

Skylar was as annoying as ever, still high and mighty and pissed off at Marie. Nobody ever really gets a break with Skylar.

Poor Gayle didn't get to drink his tea and possibly let something important fall into the wrong hands.

Jesse seemed to be his same old slacker self, but I expect some surprising things from him soon.

I don't think Hank is recovering very well, his new obsession doesn't seem like it will be the answer he seeks.

Walt made an assumption I'm not sure is accurate, but that remains to be seen. Not everything goes the way he thinks it will.

Tune in next week. We're in for a super ride.

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