Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Wesley Chapel Honda of Tampa - We're on Our Way!

We need to get another car before the fall. Everyone in the family will be going in different directions and its not feasible for four people to use three cars anymore. So while I was driving around today, I decided to check out Wesley Chapel Honda. My friend Kim has been driving a Honda for years and she swears by them. Honda of Tampa offers new and pre-owned vehicles and is a authorized Honda dealership.

I'm very interested in a Honda Civic. I like the size and they get great gas mileage. Despite the Civic's small size, I found Kim's to be roomy and comfortable. We go grocery shopping together often and we have no problem fitting a ton of stuff in her car. Big, bulky items like suitcases or large cartons pose no problem either. We generally get everything in with room to spare. Last week we loaded two Labrador retrievers and a German Shepherd in the car and took a ride to the dog park.Other than the drool, we had no problem.

Manda wants to check out the Honda Accord. She likes the four door sedan, and will be car pooling with two girls from school. Manda said the four door will be much more comfortable and easier to get people and heavy book bags in and out of the Accord sedan. Colleen likes the coupe, but admits the sporty look and styling gets her attention. I like the idea of an affordable, efficient car that everyone can drive. gas prices being what they are, mileage is a very important factor. Size, styling, comfort and durability all run a super close second.

Tomorrow we go out in search of our next car. We haven't decided on new or pre-owned yet, but pricing is always a factor. We decided not to bring the dogs for the test drive. I think the salesman will be pleased we left them at home.

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