Thursday, July 28, 2011

Muffed Target #29...

I forgot to play Muffed Target!

OK the rules are simp, but if you want to see them go here.

 Long story short...find a picture that didn't come out right and post it. Give an explanation as to what happened or what you were aiming for. Go over to Thom's and link up with inLinkz, then leave Thom a comment. Check out the other players and Voila! The Muffed Target!

 Here Goes... 

We got a new kitten!

Her name is Nelle and she's learning to type!


  1. it appears she likes your computer... and the learning to type? watch out she'll be writing your posts for you!

  2. i'm ok with that! post from the cat's perspective. hmmm...

  3. OMG I thought what the hell is this? LOL it looks like one of my beauties. LOL Love it. Mahalo for playing my friend.


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