Saturday, December 10, 2011

Blue Sky Scrubs Work to Make Your Day Brighter...

Manda is off looking for a new job. Every time she gets a new job she gets new clothes for said job. She shops here at, because she finds, comfort, fit, quality, style and price all in one place.

Manda works in the ER, but she isn't a doctor or a nurse. Still, she wears the uniform generally recognised as one a nurse or doctor might wear. She likes color and prints and cotton. I think she's probably one of the nicest dressed Med Rec Techs in her department. She has fancy lanyards, pretty pens and a bright green clipboard. I think Manda is strikingly beautiful when she goes to work.

Manda is not a morning person by any stretch of the imagination. One may think that would be a deficit for someone who starts work at 7am. In Manda's case it certainly is. However, when she gets on her pretty prints, and dons her flashy lanyards, her mood changes a little and she brightens up.

They say clothes make the woman. In Manda's case, clothes make the woman wake up a little. Clothes cheer her morning mood. And clothes absolutely make her co-workers take notice. She likes that.

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  1. Hi,
    I can see how if Mandy likes color, prints and cotton and has to wear blue scrubs than she would love to wear a fancy lanyard with added pens to lift her spirit. We often take on the mood of our cloths. When we look good we have more confidence and feel good. Wear drab cloths and it brings you down. Jewelry is one way to change your plain outfit and lift it.


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