Saturday, December 10, 2011

The Steam Team - Austin: Refinishing Floors Nicely...

Five years ago, my cousin Jane bought a beautiful home in Austin. It had wall to wall carpeting in the living and dining rooms.Last year her husband Perry announced he was replacing the carpet. After taking it up, they discovered some water damage to an otherwise beautiful hardwood floor. Heartbroken but determined to save the floor, Jane searched the internet and found

After a simple search of  water damage hardwood austin, Jane found a company that specializes in the extraction, cleaning, repair or restoration of just about any kind of water damage; even very severe cases.More importantly, Jane found The Steam Team also refinishes hardwood floors. After a call, an expert estimate and a firm date to start the work, Jane and Perry set out to clear the rooms of all the furniture and draperies.

 I spoke to Jane about a week after the floor refinishing was complete. She was putting the finishing touches to her dining room and was ready to put the living room back together. Jane told me the real challenge in the whole process was at hers and Perry's end. They not only had to move all their furniture, but then had to find places to put it all! Perry said he's very pleased with the work The Steam Team did refinishing his floor and it is beautiful, but he's tired! He wants Jane to stop redecorating, make him some lunch and sit in their beautiful dining room with him!

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