Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Garage door

The Author of this post is Solomon Dejesus

Our garage door has finally bit the dust. It had been on its last leg for a long time. I am thinking that it is around twenty years old. I remember when we first moved into our house. I was so excited to have a garage door opener. Our old house never had one, and we always had to stop the car, get out, pull the door up, get back in the car and drive into the garage. Then you still had to close it by hand after you got out. What a hassle that was especially when my kids were little. As they got older, I could get one of them to hop out of the car and open it for me. So to say I was excited about the garage door opener at our new house would be an understatement. Since I had never purchased a new garage door opener, I went online with our clear wireless internet service to find a reasonable company that could come out and install a new one as soon as possible. Heaven forbid that I would have to go back to the old days when I had to open the garage door myself. Besides, I am twenty years older and am no longer a spring chicken.

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