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My favorite aunt lives in Birmingham, England. Her name is Estelle. I don't get to see her much so it's very important to me to remember her on her birthday. Auntie Estelle loves flowers and has a stunning garden. I've always wanted to send her plants , but I'm know they won't make it from Carver,USA to Birmingham, England alive. Problem solved: order Serenata flowers on line!

Sending any gift through the mail to an overseas destination requires a ton of pre-planning. Since I've never been brave enough to send a little plant, I start with deciding what I will send. Then I make or buy the gift. Here comes the tricky part: I must package the gift with plenty of padding so it arrives at her door in the same condition as when it left me and I have to get the package in the mail in enough time to get to her before her special day. In the past, I haven't been too good at this part.

My fabulous cousin Sally hooked me up with this perfect solution. I can choose the plants I want and have them delivered right to her door! I can choose when I want them to be delivered and they can get them over to her as soon as the next day. This is perfect for me, Mrs Procrastination.

Looking through the site I discovered I can send a wide variety of plants. I saw fruit trees, flowering shrubs, orchids and house plants. There are so many to choose from, I had to get Sally's advice. We settled on a beautiful pink orchid and a really colorful Guzmania. Sally was so excited that she could barely keep it to herself. I made her promise not to spill the beans.

Sally isn't much of a gardener, but last year she bought a house. After helping me pick out plants for Auntie Estelle, Sally got really excited about her own garden. I emailed her this great site for plant care, There she will find a ton of information to get her started.

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