Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Audition Coach - The Way to a Better Audition...

My friend Charissa is an aspiring singer and actor living in Toronto. She wants to become a part of that city's thriving musical theater community. After a few disappointments with auditions, Charissa has decided to employ a Toronto singing coach.

Charissa was a dynamic part of her drama department during high school and has studied voice since she was 7. She has a wonderful personality and a beautiful voice. For the last few summers she has worked in community theater and studied to improve her talent. Last June she decided to audition for a couple musical theater companies. We talked just before her first round of auditions. She was enthusiastic about the opportunity to audition and confident one of them would result in a job offer or a place in a show.

Charissa returned from her adventure sad and humbled. None of her auditions panned out and she wasn't called back at all. She told all this to me trying to be brave and not cry. But cry she did and once the tears dried, she resolved to work harder and get noticed.

We discussed coaching. She told me other people she auditioned with used coaches for acting, singing and dance auditions. I asked Charissa if it might be her appearance during the audition and not her level of experience, talent or ability that was her downfall. Was she visibly nervous? Did she sing a song she feels connected to? What kind of clothes did she wear? I asked Charissa if she felt she needed improvement in these areas. Charissa was impressed by the other auditions she watched and felt an audition coach might be just what she needs.

Since we last talked, Charissa has done a bit of research and found singing coaches in Toronto. She's feels she's found the right way to improve her audition process and has more confidence than ever before. I like that she hasn't given up and has taken on this new challenge with more enthusiasm than ever!

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