Thursday, August 23, 2012

Norman, Oklahoma - My Next Destination...

Marisa! Get ready! We're headed your way!

Well, not right away. But I've been checking out Norman,Oklahoma hotels and they look nice! Me and Manda and Colleen very much want to start taking trips to new places, not the same old ones. No, I'm not bored with the same old places, I just want to see something new! And since you are in Norman, what better place to start?

I love the pictures of  your new home and the surrounding area. I've never seen or experienced landscapes of that sort. I'm really interested in seeing it for myself.  There is also the fact that dairy cows are old hat and I want to see some new livestock! Since you've been there for a little while, I hope you can show us around and take us to some of those spots you've photographed.

I need to take some snapshots of different sunsets and sunrises. I need to branch out and see a new lansdcape. But most importanly, I want to meet the people of Norman, Oklahoma. The ones you described  as genuinely polite and eager to help. When one travels to a resort, everyone is polite and eager to please. But I want to meet some people who don't get paid to please. I want to meet folks who are nice just because.

So Marisa! Charge up your camera batteries! Be on the lookout for people we will want to meet and places you think we need to see! We'll be there with bells on... but not cow bells.

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  1. So when you get there will you bring me back a t-shirt that says OK? So then I can be OK and have the shirt to prove it?


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