Thursday, December 27, 2012

Another One Bites the Dust...

In October there was a storm that caused a bit o' mayhem.
Dust biter number 1...
Poor Peter has been homeless since then. He's been in a shelter, which does not suit him at all. So he's spent most of his time on the streets.

Last night another ill wind blew through here which resulted in this...

Dust biter number 2...

Eugene came along to assess the damage and swiftly proclaimed the rabbit cage toast.
Gene was not well pleased as he likes to sit atop the cages and torment the inhabitants.

  Now poor Melvin has been rendered homeless as well.

She just doesn't know it yet. She still wants to live in her house even though it's been condemned.

The super bummer is now we need two new rabbit cages. The EPIC bummer is Melvin is a girl, and she was loose on the streets with Peter for a good while.

We don't need no stinkin' bunny babies...
Stay tuned. Thirty days and counting.


  1. Bunny soup! Or LOTS of new cages. :)

  2. Yikes. So glad the bunny wasn't in the cage when it happened! I thought for sure you were going to say coyotes.

  3. Look at the bright could have YOUR house the trees are falling on! ps Miss your posts.

  4. How much to replace the bunny cages?

  5. oh juli, melvin was in the cage when the apocalypse hit.
    peg, more than i care to think about just now.

  6. I agree with Jen, could have been your house. Big ass tree. Bunnys were not hurt, that is the bright side. Mine is coming to you soon enough...just waiting for you know what to happen. Put some hay out where they can seek some warmth. Even if is near or under the stairs. You're clever, you'll think of something before coyotes come around.


  7. hey we have a bunny cage sitting around-it is small but useful. I was looking for the disclaimer 'no bunnies were hurt in the writing of this blog' it seems that would be mandatory these days in the PC world.are you taking bets of what color the baby bunnies will be?? Great job getting back to writing...congrats!

  8. i believe that there are some wire bunny cages at my mothers. Mike had gotten them for my nieces bunnies but her ex husband let them run in an outdoor fenced area and they ran away!

  9. Glad no bunnies were hurt! That tree looks like it could have squashed them :(


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