Thursday, October 1, 2009

Cruise on in to Melli's place for more
September Photo Scavenger Hunt!

Better late than never!
Click on any photo to enlarge it...

~something in flight~

~gas pump~



~an herb~

~something vinyl~


~snazzy shoes~

~a worm~

~something curly~

~ a key~

~something cold~

~sports memorabilia~

~a feather/feathers~

~something twisted~

~a hole~

~a leprechaun~

~something Lacey~

~something nutty~

~sheet music~

~a splash~

~an apple/apples/ something apple~

~a shovel~

~something empty~

~a triangle~

~something purple~





  1. Always better late than never. :)
    I loved the snazzy shoes,the hole, and Lacey was clever.
    Is the 'worm' an artwork of your own? My son used to do this kind of thing - it's very cool - clever.

  2. yes i doodled that worm up after i couldnt find one

  3. I loved your splash and your sheet music photo had a wonderfully comfortable (familiar to me) feel to it.

  4. Poor Shawn and Lacey.

  5. What a wonderful series of photos. I love the worm! It is better than my solution. And LAcey was too clever! I don't know that I'd have gone so far as to actually put a hole in my short though ....

  6. Ohhhhhhhh you GOT my gas pump!!! That IS the one I was lookin' allllllll over creation for! I'm sO jealous! You WIN for the gas pump! Nobody else found it!

    I LOVE your curly too! Working in an amusement park really gave you some interesting shots that the rest of us would never think of! I was surprised that you had the vine for twisted - cuz I really expected a roller coaster! LOL!

    Liked the twist on Lacey!

    Oh! And I LOVED the worm! That was really usin' your noodle! (or doodle)

    I'm so glad you had FUN with this! Thank you for playing!!!

  7. WOW! Great job. I really loved the "key" on the back of the CD, the bridge triangle and the worm. Very clever.

  8. I really like your doodled worm. It caught my eye right away. Good job on the hunt.


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