Tuesday, October 27, 2009

what say you?

cat: quit whining! i told you it would stop raining!

dog: alot of good that does, no one is due home for two hours and i have to pee!

cat: go pee on the floor by the door.

dog: right! i was brought up better than that! i've haven't peed the floor since i was a baby.

cat: well, you sound like a baby now. shoooosh! you're giving me heartburn.

dog: you got heartburn from that bird you murdered this morning.

cat: i didn't get to eat it, it was ripped from my grasp.

dog: that's what you get for being a murderous wretch.

cat: you are so dumb, you carry stuffed animals around in your mouth, you don't even try for the real ones!

dog: i wish they left the tv on, i'm missing matlock.

cat: i'm missing lunch at the neighbors place.


  1. LOL! I always wondered what the animals talked about when I wasn't home.

  2. That is so stupid! And She is not a murderous wretch!

  3. Very funny. It's still raining here and my dog hates the rain.

    scatological verse

  4. well done, and you're not creative? keep trying...

  5. Hang a bird feeder so they can watch it when you're not home....


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