Saturday, January 9, 2010

I get to work from home!

This is the first Saturday in ages, in which I don't have to go somewhere or do something! This also means that one of my jobs has ended for the time being. I am neither happy nor sad about this fact.
Not being required at Edaville opens up my time for other opportunities.
I've lined up a couple of work from home gigs that I am excited about. And I'm hoping to get started doing some greenhouse stuff soon.
With all this free time - I can pay more attention to my blog and all my friends here in cyber world and my friends in the physical world. While other folks are busy moving, I hope you will stop by here and give me a shout!

Cruise on over to Cate's to see more of what folks are up to on Saturdays!


  1. I am hoping one of those work-at-home gigs turns out to be as great as it sounds!

  2. Oh I would LOVE to work from home! Heck at this point I'd just love to WORK! Yay for more blogging time! Happy Six Word Saturday!

  3. Sounds fantastic! I'd love to work from home instead of 8-5 in the office. I'd be so much more productive.

    Thanks for playing 6WS!


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