Sunday, January 31, 2010

Weekend Reflections

My friend Margaret plays this piano at church. She is mostly self-taught and has been told she has an odd way of playing. She doesn't care. She loves this piano and has told me many times that it is one of the happiest times for her each week.
Her music is strewn all over and she always has to scramble to find it. She says she makes a lot of mistakes. No one ever notices the mistakes. What they notice is a wonderful and joyful servant, who shares her music with everyone, with a giving heart, each time.
To me, she is a gift from God and I cherish her.

James at Newtown Area Photo hosts Weekend Reflections
Stop in and take a look...


  1. Great photo, but an even better story!

  2. Wow ! that's a very special reflection !!

  3. A nice reflective tribute to your friend. It's great that she taught herself and is able to perform.

  4. When someone loves to play, it comes through in the music. I have heard the piano played very well but without any emotion and that is a great loss.

  5. I really like this pleasant composition and the story that goes along with it. Music is for the soul which has no "rules."


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