Thursday, January 28, 2010

Silly Haiku Wednesday - Changes

* * *
I don't change my hair
It always stays the same - long...
Never cut or style.


  1. Beautiful hair, all wrapped up on your head so no one sees it!

  2. Makes things easier sometimes, when you don't have to fuss or stress over your hair! Long lets you do so many different things, too. I miss having long hair!! (So doesn't suit me though)

    Have a super day!

  3. Atta girl. That's what I do with my hair as well. Always stays the same. That way things stay easier :) Loved the Haiku. :) Have a great Thursday

  4. Ah me too I always try and ask for something a bit different then after a week same old pony tail!

  5. LOL! THAT's where I wish I could get my hair back to again -- but I have no patience! A pony tail or a bun is sO much easier!


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