Saturday, March 13, 2010

A Banner Year...

The outreach team at church is gearing up for Vacation Bible School. VBS is a huge deal at our church. Almost everyone is involved in one way or another. Some folks have small roles and others do the bulk of the work. But the important thing is that everyone takes part and has a blast!

This year the church wants to increase its outreach efforts by 30%. Since VBS is a big part of our outreach program, we want to focus on that. Ginny, the VBS director has a serious marketing plan to increase attendance. It seems funny to talk about marketing church activities, but Ginny has a vision. She wants to use every tool available to get the Word out.

Today, Ginny and I were discussing the budget for VBS. We priced print ads, radio spots, a family fun day to kick off VBS. We looked into various physical props to use outside on the church grounds to generate interest and let people know the details of VBS. We found two things we are really interested in: a giant inflatable character and vinyl banners.

I really enjoy VBS because it’s held during the summer. It’s an event that truly brings the whole community together, not just our church family. We always meet new people and make new friends. Every member of our church considers the whole community to be part of our family. VBS helps us welcome them!


  1. VBS is wonderful not only as Christian Education, but it helps parents with their Summer Day care needs. It is a service to both the community and the future.

    I have attended a coupleof churches that used those vinyl banners and they made a huge difference in community attention and interest.

  2. I'M interested in the big blow up characters! Where'd ya find them? We always use vinyl banners too! They DO work well! I absolutely LOOOOOOOVE vacation Bible School - and so for the last 3 years I've been the craft teacher! I reckon it will be 4 this year! I LOVE it!


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