Monday, March 22, 2010

Sore Knees, A Limping Deer and A Busted Headlight...

Two years ago I tried to take a road trip to California with two of my friends. I went along to share the driving and get a look at Disneyland. We didn’t have much of a plan, but we had some maps and a great sense of adventure.

We never saw California. Somewhere around Erie, PA we left the highway. It was late in the evening and JP wanted to get gas and switch drivers. After we refueled, Heidi jumped in the drivers seat and drove for about 5 or 6 miles in the wrong direction. As we drove further away from the highway, JP started to freak. He yelled and screamed at Heidi, she hollered back. I cowered in the back seat.

After we hit the deer and mashed the car, we considered our options. We were hundreds of miles from home, with a damaged car. We were all ok. Heidi’s knees were sore and the deer seemed to be fine as he limped away.

Had we made it to Disneyland, we could have taken the car to the body shop irvine, but we were in the woods in the middle of Pennsylvania! There was nothing around but trees!

A nice man and lady came along and called the police. They were very helpful. After we finished with the nice policeman, the man and lady took us to a hotel and gave us some information about the area. Next morning, the nice lady returned and took me and Heidi to a car rental agency. JP stayed at the hotel and made arrangements with his insurance company.

We hung out and waited for the insurance estimate. The car could be fixed but it would take about a week and a half. JP decided we should take the rental , back track and head for Niagra Falls.

For the whole trip to Niagra Falls and back, JP never yelled at Heidi once. And she made sure to check with him before she made any wrong turns!


  1. Oh boy. Posted moments after I print out my cross-country route for June -- LOL

  2. Ack! I think I would have taken the first bus home and left them to their marital bliss!


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