Wednesday, March 17, 2010

My Eyes Have Seen...

This morning I woke up late. I overslept because I closed the curtains last night before I went to bed. No light came through the windows this morning to wake me up.

At 8:20 I woke with a start. I could not see the clock. As I fumbled around for the clock, I knocked a bunch of stuff on the floor. Even though I still could not see, I could tell by the dripping sounds that I spilled the drink I had next to the bed. The drink was fruit punch. I had a white rug on the floor and white sheets on my bed. I don't think I'll get those stains out. So I used the sheets and the rug to wipe up the fruit punch.

I couldn't find my glasses,so I began my journey to the bathroom with out them. I felt confident I could shower and brush my teeth without spilling or dropping anything. I was successful both in showering and not breaking anything. But as I left the bathroom, our dog came charging at me, grinning and wagging, her usual happy self.

As I was greeting the dog, I stepped closer to the bed and heard an unmistakable CRUUNCH! I stepped on my glasses! I’ve broken the frames and the lenses. I’ll need new ones.

I wonder if I can get them made of titanium?


  1. poor thing. What a way to start the day. And ouch now have to buy new glasses...I hope that you can see well enough that you can get by until you get your new ones. But on a lighter note Happy St. Patrick's Day. Hope it's a good one for you. I loved that photo. I'm glad you got use of it. Fits your post here LOL

  2. Oh dear. Spare pair??? I would be okay -- I can even DRIVE (if I have to) without my glasses... but if my hubby did that to his, he would need me to play seeing eye dog until we could get him to a one-hour place! The man is this [] close to blind! Hope you were able to get new ones quick!

  3. Oh dear! Call the kids to chauffeur.


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