Thursday, March 11, 2010

To Bet or Not to Bet...

Tania and I are planning a trip to the second largest casino in the United States. It’s a couple hours away from where we live, so we were thinking of staying over. This particular joint has about 1200 luxury rooms.


That word peaked my interest. If the rooms are luxurious, they probably have really nice restaurants too! Restaurants means room service! I must admit, food clinches the deal for me every time. Right now I’m picturing myself, swaddled in a plush robe, munching room service delectables and checking out football betting from my nifty netbook.

Since there is a spa onsite, I may just have to book myself for some treatments. Which treatments? I'm not sure. I've never been to a spa. I may just have to get a massage and a facial. And then another massage. We may need to stay more than one night. That way we would have an hour or so to play cards or swing by the slots.

I asked Tania’s husband Bror if he would like to come along. He said he might, but he wasn’t really into hanging out with two girls who would spend their time eating everything in sight and laying around in spas. Bror said he would only come with us if he could spend as much at the tables as we did on food and spas and football.

Tania said forget it. Bror can stay home.


  1. Bror would probably be horribly Broring. ;) (Couldn't resist.)

    Can I come, too? I just asked Amoeba and he grunted at me. I am taking that as a yes!

  2. Come ahead!
    I'll make a spa appointment for you too!

  3. I am assuming this is in that horrible piss ant city of Las Vegas. You see I was born and raised in Northern Nevada and can't stand Vegas LOL Have fun though :)


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