Thursday, June 17, 2010

Creating a New Space with a Garden Arbor...

Shawn Carr has dome an enormous amount of raking in our yard since April. There is not one pine needle within 10,000 miles. He has also removed a bunch of undesirable and offending objects. All this activity has brought me to one conclusion; I can grow a lot of great plants in this yard, and today I decided to grow Clematis on a new arbor.

I decided on Clematis because once established, the plant will provide a profusion of color and decent bloom time. I like the wooden arbors, which fit the forest aspect of our yard nicely. Shawn Carr likes the idea of metal because his trade is metal fabrication. Shawn O'Kelly and the girls prefer vinyl. Whichever material we choose, it will be a fabulous addition to our yard.

I love the idea of a garden arbor. It will make a transition from one area of the property to another. The house sits on the front corner of the lot. I want to keep the front section of the yard very separate from the back. There is a beautiful, decorative picket fence that divides the front and back yards. The addition of a similarly beautiful arbor, draped in a stunning clematis, will created the division I desire. I love the idea of passing under an arbor into an inviting new landscape, where relaxation is the order of the day.

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  1. I want a Clematis arbor! I have to go find Amoeba .....


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