Tuesday, June 29, 2010

We've Met Before...

It was awfully hot today. Penny's choice was to remain indoors, where she could lay on the cool floor.

Manda and Lacey bought a cool pool the other day. It's about knee deep to me and maybe 8 feet across. It's all set up and on the chilly side. This afternoon, Penny showed little interest in it.

Around 8, Travis went out for the evening. She did not disclose her plans and went out without a word.

Later, as Penny lay snoozing, I decided to go out and have a look at the garden. I wanted to see if I should plan to water in the morning. Penny woke up and came along.

Travis came jogging up the driveway and I heard scuffling noises near the rubbish bins by the road. I assumed she had been out and about with whoever made the noises, but I didn't ask.

As Penny watered a little grass, I heard some more scuffling, from the huge tree by the drive. Looking up, I met Travis's escort for the evening.

He didn't give his name and seemed shy.

When Penny was done drinking from the cool pool, she ambled over and shook the water from her lips. She didn't say anything but she stood still a moment, sniffed once and then turned and headed for the door and the cool floor.


  1. Travis's date is a little on the short side, isn't he? Cute little critter though.

  2. At least its not Mr. Skunk! Jen


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