Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Looking Forward to a New Computer...

I love my computer, I really do. I love that it connects me to the internet and my friends and family. What I don't love is that my particular machine is slower than molasses in January. I decided that by the end of this year, I will have a new custom computer, here on my desk.

I've been looking at bundled computers for some time. I just don't require all the software included in the bundled packages, and I'm not thrilled with the operating system. I've decided I want more RAM and a bigger hard drive as well. I want to be able to choose the things I need and ditch the stuff that doesn't suit me. Right now, I am all about custom computers. My wish is this: I get the computer I want, at a price I can afford, without having to build it myself.

Even though I don't really like laptops, I do use them. I use Colleen's and I use Manda's. Neither one of the girls particularly likes it when I do. Every time I take one of their machines to work, the girls complain it smells like fried food when it comes back. I think a custom laptop is in my future as well. Manda's net book is a great little machine, it's fast, light and incredibly portable.
However, it does not have any disk drives. That's ok for her, but I still need to put stuff on cd's.
Colleen just hates it when I take her laptop, so I try not to. The fact is, I need my own laptop.

The pricing on custom laptops is quite good. I'm certain that when I decide what features I require in a laptop, I'll be able to get one within my price range.


  1. I think this is the way I'm going on MY next computer too! I am sick of getting a bunch of junk that I NEVER use from day ONE right up until the moment it dies...

  2. I'm going this way too. Want more portability especially when I'm limited for space to use it.


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